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  1. Old timer you still kicking? I should post this the few times I come on lol

    1. KARINE


      I miss playing for sure =) I should be able to make time after February, so busy with work and school

    2. OnionKnight


      Nice. We always busy in life :P. I have to download ET again lol

  2. whats on my mind? "I miss playing ET so v32 on silent v57" =P I mean it v32

  3. Holy old timer. You still kicking?

    1. KARINE


      lol old timer you too ;-) yep Im still kicking there & there when I dont have my hands full...going on silent tonight (Y)


    California Love

  5. Happy Birthday Karine <3

  6. how do you feel about the pregnancy ? and the baby ? greetings adorable couple

  7. Thank you all mates <3 I will be playing et during my pregnancy so it will be in the blood...when the baby is born I will be printing baby outfits with =ET= on it <3
  8. thank you Audrey, ALmondo, Jonny, Babylon, Mulan & Wienie
  9. This gaming forum and gaming servers had unite 2 gamers to fall in love =) <3 <3 Now me and docfr8 "aka mike hunt" are engage and we are having a baby <3 Thank-you =F|A= <3 xox
  10. Bonjour Mademoiselle , venir jouer ET

    1. KARINE


      Bonjour :-) I might come play this week-end...or tonight after Montreal Habs game ;-)

    2. Yomero


      V51 goo Habs xD


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