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Interview with JoeDirt




Interviewing Joe Dirt


Give me a quick bio of yourself:


I am 32 yrs old. married for 10 years, two kids, jeez hobbies... I dunno. Playing ET, fixing broken things and tinkering with my cars. I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina and survived 2 years living under siege during war. In 1995 I moved to Canada for a better future and now I am currently working for Microsoft as an exchange ranger.


I like individuals who have a sense of humor, and I also like messing with people. Personally I have a bunch of people who hate my guts.


How did you meet Dare and Rainier?


I met Dare about 5-6 years ago in ET on a NB server. After their server went down, I went and played on the [FAG] NoQuarter and then on their Jaymod server, where I met Rainier. He messaged me to come to vent and we have been soul mates ever since.



Why did you decide to make Fearless-Assassins?


We were fed up with the admins on [FAG] for senseless abuse and thought we could create a better gaming community. They laughed at us and told us we would fail, but look what happened.


In [FAG] the admins would splat you if u killed them or if u got a killing spree. They also stole our first menu mod and left our website address in it. Then claimed they didn't do it. So I stole their health and ammo script of their server. Hahaha but I never used it. I might still have it somewhere.

I just wanted to show them that they were messing with the wrong person. After that I didn't really care much. We did our thing, they failed and rest you know


If you, Dare and Rainier had a fist fight, who would win?


I would because Dare is a nerd and Rainier gets beat up by his girlfriend. I also had been in many fights and practiced judo for 6 years.



How many complaints do you get per week in the forums?


Not that many anymore, but I think the first complaint on the forums was about me



What is the most common mistake you see in new admins (or even older ones)?


They lack knowledge and common sense, but those are a minority. There are some really good admins included and most ask if not sure. But there are some that do the darnest things. I love listening to Rainier lose his mind on vent about some nub admins.



How would you describe your style of "Admining"?


I would describe it as fair with a slight hint of frustration


What pisses you off the most in ET?


Just like most of fps games, it seems to lack honor. Everyone is thinking about +1 kill and nubs hunt in packs. Back in 2003-2004, I enjoyed a good number of 1vs1 in a 32 slot server. There wasn't this animal mentality or this e-penis measuring contest every map


This is a new phenomenon that started 2-3 years ago and I hate to say it, but since we have a lot of servers, I guess that is what we have became known for.



Are you a part of any other online communities?


Hmm mostly forums related to my work and about my cars. I have a 2010 evo and 2008 merc b200. I also use to have an Accord and it was my pimp mobile. That car saw more pussy then my bed


What is your favourite movie/books/music?


My favourite book is "War and Peace" and my favourite movie is....jeez there are so many. I would have to go with anime...hmm. Akira I guess


Do you think Splash damage will deliver a new engine for ET or are they just BSing?

Well FA started as an ET community, but it has evolved and will continue to evolve to other games. Honestly, I think it's BS. Too little too late, so meh. I wouldn't mind if they do it, but I don't see it generating an interest outside the community



What does the future hold for Fearless Assassins?


Bigger and better things. We will be adding more games and more servers of course. Maybe even starting hosting our own servers and expand into the hosting market. It is the next logical step,


We are a decent size community now and I like how people get together and start playing games they normally wouldn't try


When will you give Onion your awesome computer?


Lol, hahahaha. Not a chance. You are the 2nd person this week asking for my computer. Every day I see some nerds planting their face in the window of my computer room, drooling all over. It's my man cave after all.



If anyone else wants to give interview please PM me


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Knew already 90% of this, except that you lived 2 years in Sarajevo during war, i thought you moved earlier to Canada.

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Nice piece Onion bringing out the soft side of Joe..............................................almost teared up almost

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That was a great idea Onion.I think such things really help to bring our =F|A=mily more together and I hope there are more interviews coming.

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I like how people get together and start playing games they normally wouldn't try


I agree! Its fun, and it shows simply how much of a community we are rather than a bunch of cod4 or et junkies =]


I have Fearless Assassins guild name reserved for GW1 and GW2... just in case lol.. you never know..

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Guys, ask him more question :P


I never knew you know Judo. I will be careful now, when I will visit you! :D

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I suggest there shud be a thread called "interviews" on the forums, and then onion can interview people and post it :D Would be fun reading all those kind of things about people :] ..could also do some more questions ^^

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enjoyed reading this interview. never knew, that you can speak in such a good manner, hehe


i like what you say, and it's full of humor :)

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Joedirt is not the bad boy who appears to be; my intuition was not wrong :P


Good job onion, and thanks for your sincerity joe :)

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