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  1. Happy New Years !!!!!. I am glad that I have been along for the ride for the last 11 years. I have become a wise monk in shitposting, trolling and a master in total degeneracy . I hope to hone my skills for another 11 years to come. POGGERS !!!!
  2. @daredevil Haha Merry Christmas man. I am glad my complaining has paid off all these years. I hope to spread the whine for another 11 years to come
  3. I am the greatest member you never knew existed !!!

    1. Hulk
    2. Hulk


      So great, brings tears to our eyes!

    3. audrey


      Haha same

  4. Good to see something from the past actually helped. I am surprised 1.6 is still alive and running.
  5. Alive and playing CS:GO. 

  6. Can't stop playing CS:GO. It is a new addiction

  7. My rank is pretty noob lol. I been playing for 2 weeks
  8. Enjoying my time playing CS:GO. Anyone want to play send me a message. Good times

    1. Kai


      Happy journey there man😁

  9. I thought that Tipsy? was joking!  I had forgotten! 😮 

  10. Hello

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Hulk


      your alive!giphy.gif

    3. D..X
    4. Xernicus


      Damn is someone chopping onions? Good to see ya! Hope the new job is still treating you well.

  11. I am working in the kitchen guys !! Going to bake an SSD in an oven.

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    2. RedBaird


      I remember now.  The "old geek's tale" is "bake an SSD, Freeze a laptop battery!".  I was just Googling "SSD lifetimes" and found a variety of answers, mostly having to do with Enterprise-level SSDs, such as studies of Google and FaceBook devices.  :)


      You haven't been Bitcoin-mining, have you???


    3. OnionKnight


      No bitcoin mining for me. But I tried everything and I think it is time to throw this SSD in the toaster because I have nothing to lose lol


    4. RedBaird


      I would guess that testing it in a different computer would eliminate driver-worries....hmmm, depending on the age and the OS of the second computer... :hmm🤔

  12. Hulk you smelly green fat man !! Dude it has been just about 10 years since we started playing. You better play some games with me soon after I am done some renovations

    1. Hulk


      Not Fat.. Real talk coming from a vegetable.. I could fix u good with some ranch!😜 I been doing some renovations of my own.. Bathroom and kitchen.. 😴

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