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  1. My nightmare has come true . Congrats !!!
  2. The worst part is a lot of AIO's perform on par with Noctua or Cryorig air coolers and have triple the noise with double the cost. Also the wraith cooler that comes with most ryzen cpus is pretty darn amazing on its own. No. Save your money. Spend it on a nice keyboard and mouse to go with it :D. Those generic gaming keyboard/mouse combos are pretty terrible quality. The keyboard is the worst of the worst. My buddy has the MSI branded variant and there actually is a physical delay to the keystroke). I think Amazon has a special where you can get a G.Skill Ripjaws Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches for $69.99
  3. If you crush up candycanes and snort it, it can actually knock you out until the next day !! Onion tip: Don't snort the candycane dust !!

    1. Candycane


      That sounds almost painful and kinda weird xD

    2. OnionKnight


      Sugar is a drug too !

    3. Candycane
  4. Dude you still alive? I remember playing with you like 7 years ago :D. It has been too long
  5. Yo yo yo what is new man :D

    1. Hulk


      Not much.. we need get the band back together😜

    2. OnionKnight


      don't worry it is happening. You need to get some more discord :P

  6. Everyone misses Medic lol. No one can make cfgs like that mofo
  7. Hey man. Did you get your build yet?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more


      I heard that it's building him.

    3. Vindstot


      The computer is building Xerni? o.o

      My world just shattered!

    4. OnionKnight


      Xerni is actually just a series of computers hooked together

  8. My SSD runs at 80 C. I show you the limits of memory failure

  9. You should write a review of camel vs donkey. Which one is faster, cheaper to feed and goes fastest around a corner :D

    1. OnionKnight


      Yoyo has a budget of 4 rupees

    2. Dest!Ny


      can buy an estimated 200ml (more or less 7 oz) of water from that investment. Donkeys drink 18-35 liters (3,75-9,25 gal) a day wheres a camel can drink up to 100 liters (26 gal) in 10-15 minutes, although you have to take into account that they store a lot of that, so buying water probably isnt an option. A camel is expected to survive for about half a year without drinking GIVEN THAT you buy him with his humps filled where a donkey only survives for about 3 days without water. I could probably buy a donkey for a grand (I only buy high quality donkeys) but Id have to buy 122 of them to consistently have a donkey at my disposal without feeding them which comes down to 8 million rupees. A camel would cost me maybe 1,5 grand and I will only need two of them in a year. This would come down to 0,2 million rupees in a year. Therefore a camel would definitely be the better option. Now we have to equate for how long Yoyo would be able to keep a camel. Given that it takes takes 200k to keep a camel for a year and that there are 31556926 seconds in a year this would come down to 10,5 minutes.

    3. OnionKnight


      Beautiful. Job well done on the review

  10. Yes. You need pony since you live on mountain. Camel too slow. You like the wise sage ontop of the mountain giving people advice.
  11. I sent this picture to the New York Times. Proof that the Indian Army is trying to invade China. General Yoyo and his convoy of ponies in the background.
  12. Ryzen 2XXX series is out guys !! Competition is fierce this year.

  13. Wait what? Really? Nice. Too bad I can't because it lives in a case the size of an xbox 360 (the heat is too much)
  14. Holla :P. What is new with you little donut

    1. Candycane


      heyyyy not much xD

      how about you

    2. OnionKnight


      Not much. Same old. Work, play :P

  15. Spyro is coming back mofos !!! https://kotaku.com/amazon-leaks-spyro-remastered-trilogy-1825009738 Finally I can die in peace now

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