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  1. Onion was here ! One day you will login again

  2. Happy Birthday to All of you old or new member of my only favorite gaming community =FA= I miss you all.. I miss you too big mama I'm still playing cod4 on TDM server... the only game still on my hard drive for the last couple of years
  3. Happy Birthday -=Medic=-!

  4. I'm updating right now to mavericks, but I don't think there will be any problem with games available on the App Store like cod4 ... I dunno for Minecraft since I never try it.
  5. Right Click on ET shortcut and select "Run As Administrator" or the best way is make it all time to run administrator... EDIT: Here is an old video I uploaded to youtube show you how to do it to "Run As Admin" :
  6. ET gaming for me this week end, cya on servers and have a lot of fun :-)

    1. Baska


      no no no , this weekend is minecraft game times !!!

    2. tipsy


      no fun with your hax on.. maybe if you let me kill you , then I can has some fun too :s

    3. GraveDigger


      I hope to see you on HC or silent.

  7. I bought a copy of Windows 8 pro last year (upgrade 15$) used as secondary OS with Win7, I use it for few weeks and end up removing it and installed dual boot Win7 and OS X Mavericks beta (hackintosh) Now since I had an MBA I'm thinking install it back and try the Win8.1 when I'll have time
  8. Welcome To F|A forum and to ET world it's an old game but still one of the best... Thanks to all those developers who made all kind of great mods and maps but also to the big ET community around who still caring on all those servers
  9. Does technology make us lazy? For me personally the answer is Yes... But why I'm liking it?

    1. yellow flash

      yellow flash

      i dont think technology makes us lazy its your self who make's you lazy atleast for me :P even if im at bathroom and i need to pee but i dont want to coz im lazy :P


    2. JoeDirt


      I actually think it makes me more productive. Btw I miss you.

    3. GraveDigger


      Technology can do both - it depends on who has the technology. Nice to see you back medic. Hope all is well for you.

  10. Nice That kick only works that way on noquarter mod if I'm not wrong!!!
  11. meedicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc !!! we need a medic down here!!

    1. -=Medic=-


      Hehe no medication for you.... Muahahaahahahaha

    2. tipsy


      np, then my wrath of madness will fall on you ! bahhahaa >.< howz you? long time no see on forums :D , but good to see you everytime :)

    3. -=Medic=-


      Thx man :) I'm feeling good and in a good mood so I couldn't resist to check out the forum and see how you're doing all ^_^

  12. Hummmmm Baska ;-)

    1. Baska


      Hi My Bold French friend :D

  13. !spammmmm muahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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