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  1. The boat isn't the same without its captain.

  2. where are you bud? we miss you here!

  3. Happy Birthday Saizou!

  4. I set him on Jay1, Jay2 and Hardcore.
  5. Saizou


    Use your imagination! That is the only real limiting factor of this game.
  6. Saizou

    Rubik's Cube

    I can solve it in about a couple of minutes. I tried Rubik mirror too, it's fun. I'd like to get 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 cubes to try them out.
  7. It's sad and lame that people do it often, some even on a daily basis. Lately, I've come to notice that usually males who haven't yet been in a relationship have somewhat immature attitude towards women, and even more immature attitude when it comes to sex. I believe (or at least hope) that this kind of people is a small minority, although unfortunately a noticable one. It takes relatively few jerks (compared to whole male population) to negatively impact all males.
  8. Since it's not really meant for players to mess with the game files (outside of creating mods of course) for the sake of creating an advantage isn't allowed. Proving that somebody is using altered game client is another matter.
  9. Sands of time seems to be really unpopular by server population. I'm not sure what map to use as a replacement, but server population went from about 35-40 on fueldump to 25 when Sands came on. MLB Carnage Canyon seems like a nice suggestion from what I've seen, we had it once on Jay1 long time ago.
  10. Just wandering the internet late at night, not in the mood to sleep yet.

    1. SkuLLc0LLector


      join the party --->

  11. hello mate whats down?

  12. Just caught my eye, looks tasty. Are the tomatoes regular size or cherry ones (small tomatoes)? Also is cilantro parsley, if I recognized it correctly from the picture?
  13. Just the title itself is ruining the credibility of the article. The website itself doesn't look credible at all. That would be a fairly nice discovery by iteslf if proven true, no need to mix in Atlantis and mythology stuff to make it even more spectacular. Recently I have come across the opinion that mankind would be too lazy (or afraid) to rewrite it's history even if we would come across solid (incontrovertible) evidence that would expand/change our history. I'm not sure where is that idea coming from? Since when we are afraid of changing our history, especially on a neutral area like this? I'd still like to believe despite all the bias and self-serving there would be a decent number of scientists and historians hell-bent on getting the truth out.

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