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  1. Can't edit posts.. Sorry for not being on forum and server. I've been so busy. Recently, I teamed up with a dA writer for a graphic novel. So far, I've been working on sketches and page layouts. I did manage to update the MG cover so it looks like this now... and finished the second sketch I'll hop on here and jay2 maybe tonight. See ya
  2. Drawings

    Stuff I did with pencils, ink and Gimp ^-^
  3. The Avengers

    It's going to be my first time going back to the theater since Star Trek lol.
  4. Are you a prepper?

    We have fields for planting here (not sure of arce, guessing 20-25), so we're good on produce. Not armed to the teeth (.22 rifle ) so if the inevitable comes, need to fashion up some spears lol. We also have several heads of cattle and one horse XD for sentry patrols.
  5. lol nothing wrong about someone relaxing after a hard battle on the server I drew this last year. Was originally gonna make a ET valentines card, but got lazy lol.
  6. What do you think? So glad that I got my muse back after getting back on server after 3 months lol Not sure if many of you guys seen my line one in my gallery, but got around to coloring it, and finished yesterday. "Covert Ops" issue will come out next month lol jk.
  7. Hey Guys!

    Welcome back man
  8. Jay 2 glider lagggggg

    Sweet Thanks dare
  9. website Website Update - Fearless Assassins

    Great job with the new layout
  10. shit i wish my electric bill was 14 bucks.
  11. Seaside for C. Guerin

    That's a very good shot. Looks like a painting
  12. do you use a mousepad for gaming?

    Right now, a wooden stool.
  13. In promotion for her new 3D film, "Ring" girl Sadako threw the first pitch at the opening baseball game at Tokyo Dome on the 25th. Pretty hilarious, especially after she throws Oh yeah, and she's wearing baseball cleats. http://youtu.be/XOB9kZiOD50
  14. test

  15. Hello, can i tryout please?

    http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/5-join-fa-community/ Fill out the form and GL