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  1. Pic of the Day 28.09.14

    is it a spyder?!?!.....have to check mine
  2. Wolfybear is going 4 Spinal Surgery

    all the best for u Little teddybear.....Show the f***** Tumor whos the stronger one..... will pray for u
  3. truck

    i have seen the viking truck in real....its really amazing what he did with it
  4. Return back to ET

    welcome baaack.....hope u r okay again:)
  5. just wanna say hi and feels good to be on forums lol

    Hey kimbo...nice to see that ur back:) Boomshakalaka my friend.....
  6. please allow me to introduce myself

    Hi and welcome,,,have fun on Forums and Servers
  7. Funny ducks compilation | MotD 28.12.13

    where is it , where is it....cant see the vid
  8. Chick Norris wishing you a merry Christmas

    lol hahaha i like it....van damme whats next?
  9. Pic of the Day 27.09.13

    Last one: Photoshop-Pro
  10. Happy birthday $kully! ;-)

    !sex !sex !sex !beer and ofc !sex.....hehe all the best bro.....and once again !sex enjoy ur day
  11. Pic of the Day 07.08.13

    haha thx dj for sharing it.....Keep it up
  12. Other Welcome our 2 new co leaders, JayC & Annibal

    !beer for both of u
  13. windows HDD Vs. SSD

    No question :SSD ftw
  14. Yo =F|A= Community

    hey altes haus...nice to see u again:) welcome back bro
  15. Pic of the Day 22.06.13

    pic 2 rule 9 is nice hehe