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FearlessAssasin Family =F|A=dRoPdEaD has returned


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I have been absent for a number of months due to some life events.

But I have returned my brothers and sisters.

For now I will only be on forums and spec on ET servers until I get a new mouse.

With in a week or two I will be running and gunning with my Fearless Family again.


Since my old laptop was stolen I will have my new updated one online to keep up with all you that run desktops.

Hope to see you all very soon.

Don't be afraid to rage quit.


Sincerely your pal


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Post in tracker, say you wanna be back so your forum group will be set as "active" and your level can be set on the servers after your GUID's have been verified. So dont forget to post new GUID's (ET guid and SILENT guid in your profile.


Welcome back.



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Are you still "dropdead gorgeous"?   :D


See Annibal's post below ...You are in the forum Inactive Group.  You will have to post a request in the Tracker | Website Group Fix to get it reset to ET Member again.


Welcome back!

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Don't bother posting a request in tracker I already reinstated your forum group. About your guids, get new ones (etkey & silent.dat files) and pm me once done.




This being said, welcome back at home mate! :)

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