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    That is good news you are in da house. Welcome here. Gengis
  2. Gengis

    M_pitch ....

    I just tried to use /m_pitch on HC and it works fine. I can change it to whatever i wish. I use ETL not ET 2.60b. Gengis
  3. Tilde key (~) does not open my console!¶ This is a known SDL issue and should be fixed with latest ET: L. Use SHIFT+ESC key combination instead. Can I use my ET config files for ET: Legacy?¶ We do not recommend this. Better not do! Keep in mind many cvars have been deleted, changed or added - see List of cvars. We have constantly removed unused cvars from the code and because any cvar from your config file is processed at runtime the game does not benefit if you use config files containing more cvars definitions than required. Literally hundreds of cvars have been removed from genuine GPL code while we have added a few. Gengis
  4. Dont do that. I kept ET 2.60b and installed ETL 2.75. Both work independantly on my PC. But if you do .... use uninstall. Gengis
  5. As i can see it is not ETL related. Gengis
  6. That does not answer my question. I think if you said YES when ETL told you he found an ETKEY and used it...it may have cut it from ET 2.6 and paste it in ETL. So i guess copying it from ETL to ET 2.6 might work. But be aware i am guessing here since i didnt have that problem. Gengis
  7. What did you do when you installed ETL ? When ETL told you he found an ETKEY and wanted to use it ? Gengis
  8. It runs but you lost your GUIDs ? Gengis
  9. ETLegacy install did not install PB for me. In my ETL console, /cl_guid and /sil_guid work fine. Gengis
  10. It disappeared from ET 2,60b ? Gengis
  11. From etlegacy.com : So on NIX based systems game data are now stored in "$HOME/.etlegacy" path and on Windows in "ETLegacy" path of the users Documents folder (%userprofile%\Documents) per default. Etkey goes in folder : documents/EtLegacy/etmain Silent guid goes in folder : documents/ETLegacy/silent etmain folder is created when you install ETL. silent folder is created when you join a silent server with ETL. Gengis On a side note ETLegacy wiki is quite useful : https://dev.etlegacy.com/projects/etlegacy/wiki
  12. It should work on HC ? And dont ask me if i am using ETL...you know i do. LOL Gengis
  13. Beach and radar are maps that are played and liked. So i dont think we should get rid of those. Gengis
  14. What error message do you get ? Gengis
  15. It is nice to see you again. Have a good day. Gengis
  16. I copied ui_mp_x86.dll in my jaymod folder and it worked. The others were not required. Gengis
  17. It has always been clear in my mind that any FA server is opened to anybody (new player, old player, good player, bad player). One of our rule say : we dont care how pro any player is. I repeat that quite often on HC. Gengis PS : I am old too .....
  18. It is still -70% through december 12. $ 5,24 CDN Gengis
  19. Hi FCC, Welcome in the FA community. Gengis
  20. I must agree with CHUCKUN here .... we have a winning formula on HC..... why change it ? Gengis
  21. Hi Oaporte, Your account wont be deleted. You forum group wiil be set from inactive member to active. Make sure your GUIDs (WET and Silent are the good ones in your profile. It was nice to meet you again on HC the last fews days. Gengis
  22. In console : /cl_guid Silent : /sil_guid /condump GUID GUIDs are the way to recognize a player. Gengis
  23. I had some tough times to make it work. Now works on jaymod, silent and NQ. Gengis
  24. Once installed it doesnt work. Read carefully the error messages and copy the files mentioned from your ET installation. I use it on HC since a couple weeks now. Gengis

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