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  1. Gengis

    et install

    What kind of issues did you have ? I use the latest version 2.76 and it works fine on any FA server. Gengis
  2. We have a winning formula on HC. The server has players. So i dont see the need for any change. I go with @CheepHeep here. The only problem (not so important) is with the panzer. Gengis
  3. I have had that same problem with my new PC a few months ago. I could not make W:ET work on it. But ETL work quite well though. So what means a clean ETL install for you exactly ? Because after you installed it with the installer it wont work and it is normal. When you lauch ETL what are the messages you see in your ETL console ? It tells you there are DLL missing ? It tells you ui_mp_x86.dll is missing ? Gengis
  4. Transaction ID : 4L140734U6818002M $ 75 US Gengis
  5. I use ETL 2.76 and it works everywhere except jay3. It works fine for me. Gengis
  6. Gengis

    It was nice to meet you on HC.

    Take care.



    1. !MX


      thank you sir! I´ll visit you guys someday again there! ❤️

  7. Hi there, Welcome and you will certainly meet some FA admins on our insurgency servers. Gengis
  8. Hi mbe.noobim. Welcome in our forums. I am happy to meet you here after i spoke with you many times on HC. I saw you completed your profile. Gengis
  9. From WIKI : Team Stacking Trial and clan members should be the first to move to even teams. Make a habit of checking the teams each time you’re waiting to respawn. If teams are uneven and you can’t move, ask 3 times in chat nicely. After this check the scores and move whoever would balance the teams best with the !putteam command. Note that there doesn’t always need to be the same number of players on each team for balance – a lot of the time 14 vs 12 can be an even game. Just make sure to check the scores before calling for balance. If you have access to the shuffle command, only use it during warmup (make sure all player have connected) or if teams are incredibly unfair (ex: 11v2) and people are not moving. If you see someone intentionally join the strongest team, move them to the weaker one straight away and explain to them the rules regarding stacking. Note: Players are allowed to switch to the team of their liking after a shuffle, provided that the teams are still fair and even. Stacking in any shape or form is not allowed. Admins may use their own judgment on players that do move after a shuffle. If they feel that a player has made teams uneven, they are free to move them back and take action accordingly. Players should respect the admins decision and remain on the team that the admin has moved them to. If a player feels that it's abuse, they are welcome to complain on our forums, NOT on the server. So IMO if they are not stacking when switching from axis to allies it is OK. Gengis
  10. Sure I can be found almost every day on HC. Grab me on HC and/or ask it on discord. There is a channel for that. Gengis
  11. Yes when we know some more about it. He just created an account in our forums and asked a question. Gengis
  12. We need some more info. What server ? Which admin ? How long ? Gengis
  13. The boss prolly suggested silent1 cuz FF is off there. Gengis
  14. Good to see you again. I play on FA servers since 8 years. So i guess you are older than me here. Gengis
  15. Hola Ox, Nice to meet you.. Gengis
  16. Welcome $horky. You can ask any 17+ to set your level. Gengis
  17. All locked for me.


    Take care.




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gengis



      I had a message in discord saying my privileges were insufficient.


      It was not related to the padlock  IMO (i known the padlock is normal and what it means).



    3. Shana


      Just woke up. Will have a look when near the pc. 

    4. Gengis


      Seems fine now.


      Have a good day.



  18. Hola Max, It is nice to hear about you in our forums. I am also an old timer and an HC addict. Gengis
  19. It seems my work around doesnt always work. Gengis
  20. @daredevil Oooopppps I have been kicked out. If you saw the message ... i hope it can help. Gengis
  21. @daredevil I am on it now. Come visit me for some fun. Gengis
  22. @daredevil Well i just joined jay3 with ETL 2.76. We speak about the same server ? Gengis
  23. Here is what i do : Options-Game-Download Set get missing files from server and use HTTP/FTP downloads to NO. Join the server (it will work for jay3) To make sure i had the maps, i joined jay1 and jay2 first. Any other FA server works normally. Gengis P.S. @kajto3 is using ETL 2.76 just like me and may also help with that.
  24. I am using ETL 2.76. It works fine for me on W10 build 1903 and it works fine on any FA server (i tried all of them including jay3). Jay3 needs a workaround easy to use when you know it. So my recommendation is to go with ETL 2.76. P.S. I stopped using W:ET 2.60b because it was crashing about every map on my new PC (8th gen motherboard). Gengis
  25. It was a joke. DD mentioned he had to upgrade to a 750 GB SSD to install release 1903. So 750 minus 250 gave me 500. ROFL Gengis

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