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  1. I certainly played on Killhouse server years ago. Welcome back. Gengis
  2. How many years to reach that ? Gengis
  3. Je suis un régulier depuis fort longtemps ici. Bienvenue. Gengis
  4. I am using ETL 2.76. I didnt have that problem yet on HC. Gengis
  5. Did he try the other values of r_primitives to make sure it doesnt help ? Gengis
  6. @Dynasty I played a couple times on HC. I liked it. New versions are always fun and this one is. Gengis
  7. I just got 1 million. In a couple years i will ask for the 2 million awards. Gengis
  8. You tried to join NQ1 ? Gengis
  9. I use ETL 2.76 Here is what i have in my NQ folder : I copied the dll files from my 2.60b installation. Gengis
  10. Bienvenue du Canada. Gengis
  11. Hi, Welcome here. You are the one i meet on HC too. Gengis
  12. Be active in our forums and help is a way to have a level on our servers. Gengis
  13. I have done what you wish with my new PC. I Installed a fresh version of 2.60b. I copied my etkey from my old PC. I copied my silent.dat file from my old silent folder. All was fine (i had my level and my XP) Later 2.60b was crashing about every 2-3 maps. So installed ETL on my new PC. I copied again my GUIDs from 2.60b to ETL. Again, all was fine (i still had my level and my XP). Gengis
  14. Gengis

    VPN kick?

    Ok TY PM sent to you about it. Gengis
  15. Gengis

    VPN kick?

    Could you provide some more info : - kicked OR banned (then ask for an unban request in the proper section) - what server ? TY Gengis
  16. Might be the same that i am a member of where FA is advertised. 1600 members there. Gengis
  17. Ask me on HC. Gengis
  18. I agree the TE version is almost impossible to win by the allies. But it seems the players dont care since it is played a lot. So i am not sure what we should do. Gengis EDIT : Keep TE. The other version takes too long before we get in action so it kills the server.
  19. I dont think we should do that. HC is popular because the players know they can play their preferred map soon. Dont forget we have a winning formula on HC. The server is popular. In those circumstances any change must be looked at closely before it is done. Gengis
  20. Tramfight is one that could also be removed. I dont remember the last time it has been played. I have had a look at the map cycle. We should keep all other maps. Gengis
  21. I agree. I dont think Italy should be removed. But we could consider to remove library and rtcw depot. They are not played a lot specially rtcw depot. Gengis
  22. ETL on android by the etlegacy.com development team ? Gengis

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