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  1. null


    nice one
  2. Here is few pics already https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/224-gallery-of-our-members-and-regulars/page-238 Nice tattoos man
  3. null

    What I did in army

    Mechanic for Leopard 2A4. Maintaining variety of guns and electronics. I served for one year, already missing it. 2/13
  4. do you know he is from finland? I listen to his music aswell
  5. null


    ahh good old runescape. I have played on and off all the way back from classic Too many hours
  6. nothing beats morning coffee no hurry anywhere
  7. steelseries rival, also tried with 3 others
  8. well I barely play anymore but just noticed that couple days ago
  9. So ive come to this problem where I move my mouse very slowly it skips or stops moving entirely. Problem is even worse on the ET esc menu, where moving mouse at low speed is nearly impossible Tracking/moving mouse at normal speed seems to be fine. On my desktop and other apps mouse movement is normal. Things tested so far with no help: updated all drivers rinput different usb ports different mouse, different mousepads different dpi, polling rate, sensitivity, lift off distance closed all background programs deleted mouse drivers started the game offline cvar restart different mods various settings from nvidia control panel + all the things necessary to make mouse movement 1:1 no accelaration or other that stupid stuff. Im on windows 10 64bit, i5 4460, gtx970, 8gb ram if that helps anything. There should be no problem on my ET config as I havent touched on it in ages. I play @ 1.85 sens 400dpi, 1000hz, 1920x1080 Probably forgot to add something

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