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Pleased to meat you!


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Hey there, fearless and feared ones  :D



Who am I?

I'm Tacle out of Switherland and I will be coming to your German NQ Servers more often!


I've been addicted to ET since it's been a demo version and have not improved my skill further since then, at least not by a lot  :ph34r:


Years ago I've joined forces with the famous Flame-Guards to secure a fun and appealing game-experience for everyone playing on our servers, aah, memories.



How did I discover F|A?

Yesterday I went to surf on splatterladder to search some new servers for my favourite mod, NoQuarter.


Ofcourse, I searched for EU-based servers and stumbled upon your servers, where I saw a familiar nickname. 


I very much enjoyed the experience! There are funny guys / gals around so expect me back when ever my time allows.



What can you expect of me?

I'm an objective-oriented player, no matter what it is. Furthermore, I try to stick by the rules as much as possible, trouble is not my agenda.


Ofcourse I drop some line here or there for the fun, a good laugh is always welcome (and I don't mind jokes in return, either  B) )



Any questions?

Your turn, soldier, bring' em on!

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Good to see you here!  


I now understand the "10Tacle" as "TenTacle", but when I first saw it on this page, my mind conflated it to suggest that Apple was reaching its "itentacle" everywhere.   :)





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To MEAT us or to MEET us ??? :lol:


Hi mate and welcome.  B)

I think he means "Pleased to Gib you!"  :ph34r:


Haha, Reality posted as I was typing my reply, the scoundrel!

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attachment reads (German): 'Wet dream of each and every vegan"


Yes, I stabbed the "e" in the title and replaced it with a covert "e", so there's a wordplay for you guys  :ph34r:


For teachings in german words, please chose from the following categories:


  • naughty
  • ill-sounding
  • fun-sounding
  • informational
  • first names
  • last names
  • strange syllabes
  • male curses
  • female curses

thanks for your call  :D


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We have a topic on German : http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/64890-german-post-your-questions-here/


in this forum:  Fearless Assassins  → Help & Discussion Center  → Language Learning & Translation


I don't know how much discussion they have on "male curses" and "female curses"!   :)

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I think I played a few maps against you yesterday, welcome here!

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I think I played a few maps against you yesterday, welcome here!


You're correct, we've mown each other into oblivion a few times!



Nah, I don't need german interaction at all, I have it all day long @ work already  :D

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Hehe Tacle ^^
Nice to see you also like it here!
I'm sure your title means more meat to shoot for you :ph34r:
I'll see you around!! :D

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