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  1. Long time no see Kel! Hope you’re doing ok!

  2. havent seen my favorite frenchy in while i hope all is well bud..i miss u.

    1. AnG3L
    2. Hulk


      That make 2 of us even I been on lately :) I just joking hope all is well and will see ya back on sometime.👍

    3. .KeLFOuTO!r.


      Hi guys thanks alot for your concern. I had a very bad cold that fragged me for several days. I'll be back shortly now 👍🙂

  3. Could see it this morning on my way to work, it was very nice ! (from Paris) Orange color and 2/3 hidden by Earth's shadow. And very huge compared to its usual size at this time.
  4. la demo es trop grosse mdr


  5. Starting april 14th (sorry for double posting, my cell went crazy too)
  6. Happy bday LeatherMate ! I'm late for that, as always even in RL !
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