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  1. Hi Remi and welcome. I confirm that you wouldn't be the oldest on other servers... Have fun
  2. HI mate, just saw your application.
    I will contribute to it, I just wait for a few more feedbacks before contributing.

    I saw that you are a NC admin, it's funny cause it was my first clan some years ago 😎



      lol me too that server was my first clan too, thankx brow, greetings

  3. It will by daughter's 11th birthday party, impossible for me to be part of it sorry. Have fun guys
  4. Topic for French people. We all know that Controles Techniques will change on today 20/05, implying 250 new checks, longer visit time, higher cost, more obligations to "contre-visite", and charge on this contre-visite. A website is proposing an alternative, https://www.controletechniquegratuit.com/ (existing since 2015) It's not philanthropy. You have to register on the website, it's long and quite intrusive on some questions (ex: taux d'imposition) and requests to scan alot of docs. All these data are then included into a wide national db to which car professionals have access. Which explains that the CT can become free for users. I read some reviews and they guarantee that you will not be spammed by calls or emails for ads afterwards. To be checked.
  5. Yey !

    passe partout.jpg

    1. .KeLFOuTO!r.


      Aaaah many thanks mate ! It was a great surprise for me this morning ! 😊

    2. Hulk
    3. Vindstot


      Congratulations :)

  6. el! and carbOn kick my ass captn too but he's my worst buddy rather than enemy and yoyo of course, cause we never see him on jay2
  7. .KeLFOuTO!r.


    Alot of colors and sensivity, it's all you !
  8. Hi mister Kennet, glad to see you could make it and register ! And nice to know a little more about you after so long playing together
  9. Maybe is it due to my trial level then, but I don't have this advance search
  10. Formerly we had a section listing all forum members, even non-FA. Among which it was even possible to search by alias. Now I can only find sections pointing to connected people, but not a global list of all forum members, is it hidden somewhere I didn't check ?
  11. better to have him on the screen than at your table !
  12. Happy birthday my friend !

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