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  1. Oh yeah, I prep food for almost daily :-) since I love cooking, some meals I just make twice the amounts and it lasts me for some quick and tasty workday lunches ( I can reheat my stuff there, if needed). It's not time consuming at all, since I almost never order or buy pre-cooked stuff around here, it's hella cheap compared to eating out each day and it's also beneficial for my health. Would recommend, even if you're not into cooking heavily. Sometimes it's as simple as Spaghetti with tomato sauce, 20min max for cookin stuff, obv. having a bit more time enriches the sauce, heh.
  2. *you hear a distant noise in the dark*
  3. worst fact of this worldcup: my wife has zero clue about football, yet she outperforms me on the bets we placed :S also: HAW HAW germany xD
  4. Fine Sirs in the fine Art of being godfathers Fine young Sirs and Madams being godfathered ..and the rest of you! I approach you all today to share and improve godfathering actions - Are you a godfather yourself, and do awesome stuff, surprises and birthday gifts? - have you experienced nice, outstanding or remarkable journeys and actions from your godfather(s)? - did your siblings get a really great godfather that enriches family life? I'm here to learn from you, since I was asked nicely to be the godfather of my RL-mates son, ofcourse I accepted! And since I'm new to this all, F|Amily knowledge may help a bit! Not sure if the concept of a godfather is the same where you live, here in Switzerland you could legally become the guardian of the kid of both parents die, f.e., but this tradition is not upheld strictly. Futhermore you ofcourse help to raise and teach a new family member, be a contact partner, lend your ear and (sometimes) also just do awesome stuff only godfathers do Like chug the first beers or help with insight from other perspectives, heh. So, come forward, I'm really curious ^^
  5. 10Tacle


    hi Radoslaw, hope you don't get entangled too much in making money alternatively
  6. Welcome to the forums, Markus
  7. 10Tacle

    Et stutters

    Hi Spartan have you tried /r_primitives 2 or can you check what the setting is there? Common problem with amd-grafic cards.
  8. feels so nice to wander in ET again :)

    1. Sisje


      So good to see you back around here Tacle!!

    2. Helsen


      tacle, hell yeah.... good 2 see u back ❤️


    3. 10Tacle
  9. Re-Read them on the wiki, all clear so far thx DJ! I'm on NQ1 atm, just got a strange disconnect @United Blood
  10. Elo there id like to ask for my group to be (re)set to Enemy Territory, thanks. if you would furthermore accept my services once again, a !set on NQ1 please Tacle
  11. Good day, good peeps of the F|Amliy, how's everyone doin? Had to reconnect to NQ1 for some lovely botslaying sadly not many human players around, but guess that can change! cheers
  12. Aloha F|Amily the stranger writing this is me, Tacle hope you all do very well and that life treats you like it should, except Bo0my, I hope you get fragged all day long Wanted to let you know I'm still alive and well, not-so-drunk anymore but still ^^ marriage is GREAT and not like described in those hollywood movies ! but I, very sadly, have to extend my inactivity.. finishing my school at year-end and somehow the hunger for ET / Insurg is on a low, I turn on PC to type silly school stuff and to finish papers mostly :/ thanks tho that I don't get my face kicked in, and even if, who could be mad at that best wishes Tacle
  13. Silveeer! hola mate, how's it goin? be welcomed =)

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