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  1. Aloha F|Amily the stranger writing this is me, Tacle hope you all do very well and that life treats you like it should, except Bo0my, I hope you get fragged all day long Wanted to let you know I'm still alive and well, not-so-drunk anymore but still ^^ marriage is GREAT and not like described in those hollywood movies ! but I, very sadly, have to extend my inactivity.. finishing my school at year-end and somehow the hunger for ET / Insurg is on a low, I turn on PC to type silly school stuff and to finish papers mostly :/ thanks tho that I don't get my face kicked in, and even if, who could be mad at that best wishes Tacle
  2. Silveeer! hola mate, how's it goin? be welcomed =)
  3. honey, let's clean out the basement...

    1. RedBaird


      Sorry Honey, we don't have a basement here. :)

    2. 10Tacle


      how do you call it? ^^

    3. RedBaird


      Don't have a basement...this house is on a concrete slab. :)

  4. 10Tacle

    Quick FOV Question

    at work atm, but I can change the behaviour of that in my Catalyst Control Center (some option about fixed ratios / fixed screen in display settings). before I activated it, any lower resolution would just be a window on my large 24'' screen.
  5. I did by accident when I was really new and connected to a DoI server ^^ well what can I say, gotta try it again maybe
  6. you can find it in our download section, I've compiled it with help from David's topic and the rest is tailored to my needs with the help of the Internet. let me know in this topic if you have any questions or problems
  7. fresh insurgent destroyer on duty!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sonofdoc


      I still have to figure out how to get it running with no lag on my laptop

    3. 10Tacle


      i got a nice config now, will post if succesful

    4. Sisje


      I'm off for training tonight but will be on tomorrow normally!

      @sonofdoc sorry you still haven't fixed your lag problem :(

  8. 10Tacle

    Getting a car!

    if you can "convince" him, let him accompany you when you go see the car. those guys literally hear when something isn't right, and some quick looks under and inside the machine already cover many risks you don't have to take. always test-drive it and try to haggle prices
  9. 10Tacle

    Getting a car!

    the yearly ADAC statistics of incidents indeed are nice to read, but hasn't there been a scam on them? (iirc, you as a manufacturer could pay to appear less often or so ) I started driving with a Lupo myself (smaller than Punto), and it was worth it what I wish I knew before: is there a garage close to your place that specializes in your brand or you got a cool mechanic "at hand"? Also look for prices of bits that return every 1-2 years, like new tires. Mine were around 40 EUR for a complete set, so pretty soft on budget to replace. My friends with BMWs and so on paid much more ^^
  10. it's deserted for a good reason iirc. i bought it back then, hoping for yet another succesful series, but it was pure horror ^^ bugs all over, cheaters and soon the game went dead. still have the copy in my shelf tho
  11. 10Tacle


    : nice! now don't search for all my deaths
  12. If I'm ever going to live outside of Switzerland it will be northern Italy! But then you can roll me down any hill ^^