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  1. Currently in Finnish attack forces, I will be home for christmas... :)

  2. Gongratulations to winners! Damn I wish I'd had that kind of a father-son relationship
  3. "Forget cookies! I want my copy of Insurgency!"
  4. Who would like to give me some time?

  5. Missing internet protocols and some patience too... -_-

  6. Life sucks without ET :///

    1. Mr.Karizmatic


      RL first nd we are waiting...

  7. 205km/h in a Fiat Stilo 1,9D :DD Afterwards turned out that back-right tire was worn out to metal :C Now I've this Saab 9000 2,0t and in winter I tested new spark plugs and reached 170km/h at 3rd gear ... Dumb as hell in an icy road Kids don't cross the speed limits.
  8. Table bought, playing is now "possible" :D

  9. Busy and tired, working so hard.

    1. St0rmSlaSh


      Good m8 :D Work hard, play hard :)

    2. Raskin
  10. Just moved, no furnitures. Playing on the floor, some difficulties may occur.

    1. TheJuice


      cool! :D where moved to? why no furniture?

    2. Eliminator


      1.Bcs there's 600kms between my home and my new home :D 2.They're my parents' 3. I'm poor student. I moved to Espoo after work work work

  11. Haha BunnyTori spotted in few SS's. It was fun but I couldn't make it to there when it was at its full strenght. I'd so much things to do with friends that day I want more events like this
  12. I'm just writing a thought. Do you remember last night when there was 2 humans and 6 bots at axis and 6 humans and 2 bots at allies and axis still dominated fairly (bcs of anarchy and someone). I'm supporting the idea itself because normally this can cause uneven teams where other has got 3 and the other none (bots). And it's happened quite a few times and is indeed frustrating To have this done properly, teams should be maintained pretty even almost all the time, otherwise this could cause that teams would be very uneven in situations like yesterday... Afterall these kind of tricky situations mostly take place at night time and mostly your suggested way would be evening teams ps. I'm not sure what I just wrote but whatever
  13. How to find an apartment and move to it in five days?

    1. TheJuice


      1.go to store

      2.get big card board box

      3.move in, rent free.

    2. Eliminator


      add a bridge and then move the box under it and you've got luxus-like apartment


  14. Renewing my hunting pass because I've hear that today is the day of the rabbits

    1. Mr.Karizmatic


      visit jay2 gameday is going on

    2. Eliminator


      Haha i've been online for 3 hours as BunnyTori 0:)

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