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  1. Davideck


    hello and welcome!
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    Back 2 ET

    Welcome back
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    Hi there.

    Hello and welcome!
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    Hi Everyone

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    SadNesS says hello :)

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    Deamous is here !

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    FA DaViDeCk back in business

    Hellow peeps, Last couple of weeks I was offline because there was a hard personal period and I wan't able to play ET. But in the coming weeks I will be more online and play ET again on our lovely servers Hope to see and talk you soon.. Greets, FA DaViDeCk
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    Let me introduce myself! Aim!?

    hello and welcome
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    oi oi oi

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    Hello from spray

    hello and welcome
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    Greets from Destone

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    My real life

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    Finally, hi

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