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  1. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    New things can always work or fail. Thats why you try new things. I bet DD rather hears what could improve server activity, rather than being polite and let failing maps run on the server. But then again, i cant speak for DD. However if these maps decline server activity due to lags and unpopularity i definitly support Dfnub in this. Specially for the maps tankbuster and flame guards which alot of people seemed to like in the past.
  2. Browser Internet Speed Battle !

    Used to have 1gbit/s in my dorm when i used to study. Now this is what ive got XD So what is actually the difference in et gameplay if i'd get like a 400mbit connection? Think i would notice?
  3. Congratulations amigos
  4. Happy Birthday, DJ

    Grats bruh
  5. Biggest tip you will ever receive

    * "enters enemy spawn" "B" "left mouse click" * ty slow ppl of et.
  6. Butters Tomato plants are rocking (-=

    Sweet, now make me a salade.
  7. Butters is still ALIVE!

    Wanna trade? I got some rain to offer.
  8. Pic of the Day 15.10.16

    We have tried that last picture once, it was awesome
  9. Pic of the Day 05.10.16

    Always wanted one of those self driving cars when i was a kid
  10. YourDeath

    Well if u want to join fa than u willen have to remove the tag eventually.