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  1. So i was thinking something like this: Processors AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Boxed € 174,- Moederborden MSI B450-A Pro Max € 95,05 Behuizingen be quiet! Pure Base 500 Zwart € 64,95 Geheugen intern Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K8G4D32AESBK € 86,05 Voedingen Cooler Master V550 Gold € 71,- Solid state drives
  2. Hi Guys, Haven't played much in the last couple of months, and now because of Corona i have to work from home. So this morning I ate my egg, drank some milk and booted my pc only to see it crash and not recover. It is quite old and in need of replacement so i've decided to buy/build a new pc. I want to spend roughly 1000 euro's. Besides gaming i will be using it for Photoshop so it should have some decent rams. Would love to hear your recommendations as I'm quite green in this department. ~Reallity
  3. Welcome Mikhel See you on server!
  4. Butters! May she rest in peace. I hope you can give it a place soon and find some rest yourself. Until that you can be all the biatch you want. My condolences
  5. New things can always work or fail. Thats why you try new things. I bet DD rather hears what could improve server activity, rather than being polite and let failing maps run on the server. But then again, i cant speak for DD. However if these maps decline server activity due to lags and unpopularity i definitly support Dfnub in this. Specially for the maps tankbuster and flame guards which alot of people seemed to like in the past.
  6. Used to have 1gbit/s in my dorm when i used to study. Now this is what ive got XD So what is actually the difference in et gameplay if i'd get like a 400mbit connection? Think i would notice?
  7. * "enters enemy spawn" "B" "left mouse click" * ty slow ppl of et.
  8. Wanna trade? I got some rain to offer.
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