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Hello I am Zelly!


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Hello all I am Zelly! I am of the male gender, and am 20 years old. I am from the state of Iowa in the United States.
I have played on FA on and off these past few years and it is really great to see you all doing so well. I think I may end up applying for membership here, but I figured I should get to know everyone on the forums first. I have been kind of stalking the forum for a while but I never have posted. So I look forward to getting to know you all.

Anyways... A little about me and my history in ET.

I have been playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory since 2006, with some long breaks in between. For about as long as I can remember I would always be trying to setup servers in this game, and to this day it is what I still do. Mostly I would just run home hosted servers, sometimes I would modify the textures. I never really could figure out the more advanced stuff like models though. I know the basics of a few programming languages so when I found lua and what it could do I was naturally interested, I think lua is what keeps me most attached to this game now.
I have been in a few clans, but mostly I was in =RDA= for a few years, I still manage their servers today. Before them I was in a {DoG} (And so were a few members from =RDA=).
I have a computer from 2006 with an integrated graphics card and is running Windows Vista. So my PC Gaming options are limited.
I have Xbox 360:  Z e l ii o n
and PS3: ZellyElly
Do not play them very much, occasionally I will play GTAV on ps3.
I know a little photoshop, mainly to make myself some signatures.
I enjoy a lot of movies probably my favorite being Avatar.
I also watch a lot of tv shows (Thank god to seriesguide app to keep track of them all)
I am pretty much obsessed with anime, which is a little bit weird considering I am 20 years old and a male, but I can't help it.

EDIT: Woh that signature is really old, ha, Where do I changed that? I can't find it in edit profile... I shall keep looking.

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