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  1. Love you bro and hope all is well, remember you will always have a friend in me. ❤️

  2. It is obvious and goes without saying, we would not be here today had Hitler won. We sometimes take for granted the freedoms we have today without realizing for a minute had that D-Day invasion turned out differently. The lives that were sacrificed and lost, the families torn apart forever, countries battered and taken over, the millions of tortured and enslaved lives, all because someone believed that their race was better than others. Remembrance Day - 11/11/20
  3. also via vent or teamspeak, and I think TS was used before vent was around, can't quite recall which was first.
  4. Many many years ago just after electricity was invented, ET had many clans who competed head to head - 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5, etc. The clans participating would agree on the map, which server, the rules, classes to use, etc. Many gigantic egos were developed during this period, some of which still exist today. These classic events were called 'scrims' and were very popular during their hay day. As the game became easier to hack and cheat, the scrims tended to die off as trust between some players eroded.
  5. And you won't smell like an ashtray lol For me, after roughly 30 years of smoking ciggs (among other things) i quit cold turkey and have been smoke free 18+ months. You don't realize the physical affects smoking has on your body until you quit. Climbing stairs, riding a bike, coughing and hacking. Do I miss it? Sure, whenever I have a beer or I'm socializing with people who smoke. But I dont let myself dwell on smoking long enough to want one. Kudos Xernicus and Gameplan! It ain't easy.
  6. The purpose of shuffle, auto or otherwise, is to keep fair teams on the server. It isn't meant to piss players off. Although I have seen players rq and leave after a shuffle because they aren't on their buddy's team anymore and that's always good for a laugh. Players move constantly from team to team, or connect and join and sometimes creates unfair advantages for some of the other players, and the more players that are on the server the less likely the teams will stay even from start to finish. So while you may enjoy playing with the same group for a few maps, this can eventually
  7. Its funny but yesterday midnightblue and I had a bit of a pissing contest. With his 22+ kr I asked him jokingly if he got it by killing all the bots on the server. Well, didn't that start him up lol. He said with my lowly 4 kr I should get some skills and he laughed. Needless to say I had some good kills against him the rest of the map without any fanfare. He never said another word. Point is and as I told him, kr means nothing, and some players praise it like it's to be respected and honored. Good idea and as Rendel says, it's a 'beginner' server anyway and isn't really necessary.
  8. Although it's very well written, I'm sorry for your loss. Sadly we can almost feel the way you do.
  9. @deadpnk you only see this clan from the outside and may have heard rumours and have based your posts on that. You are not in this clan and privy to conversations even other members don't see, and I would bet you have absolutely no idea what transpires in the background. You think you may know but you are dead wrong. Despite of what was said in this thread between Mira and myself, it is a deceiving way for her to respond to being denied membership in FA. The grudge she has towards this clan is evident but so is what we've seen from her leading up to the denial of her app. I'm guess
  10. But seriously...why are you even here. Enlighten our clan as to why you even care what FA does. Or are you trying to get some meaningful point across to have all those 'Mira haters' finally say, "you know Mira was right all along, why didn't we listen to her?" And pls stay on topic.
  11. I think your civility ended here long ago, Mira. Maybe it's time for you to move on, and I am trying to be nice.
  12. Some have said gaslighting is intentional, or maybe just having gas.
  13. So a simple question that begs asking... If we have such a shitty server(s) and FA admin are careless idiots who don't give a flying fk, then why the fk are you here?
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