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  1. hey madmike, great to see someone else actually plays a round or two... old school scratch golfer here. was somewhat competitive a few years ago but play it now more for socializing and corporate events. using an old set of re-gripped callaway irons, a Ti Ping 'prototype' driver and a taylormade 3 wood. my taylormade 7 wood is my fav, an actual wood head and stiff shaft that have provided me with 2 lucky hole-in-ones so far. two current sets of shoes footjoy, and a pair of spikeless lightweight adidas that are more like running shoes. lastly my trusted Scotty Cameron putter given as a birthday gift. flawless putts...almost. and yes, I am a lefty lol
  2. Wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but this seemed the most likely... Has anyone ever been to Iceland, travelled and stayed at a BNB or rented an RV? what are the expectations like ? what didn't you expect? anything will help... I am going in a few month and was looking for any advice or tips
  3. !mawr Coma ¶π¥®∆ in main 

  4. sorry, these vids are only for those who are wasted...
  5. sad to see you go lume, but its understandable. be true in all you do, and always look ahead.


    gl hermano!

    1. ancientmule


      Thanks coma!
      I know it was a hard thing to do, but it was a must for me; been thinking of it for a long, long time and it was already the time to do it.


      I will still be around in forum from time to time! :)


      gl to you, and always all the best hermano!

  6. Thanks for posting your suggestion efool. As I said to you on the server, you will get a response. We should try 5 vs 5 again and see how that works. Yes there will always be whiners and complainers but this might actually help as most HC regs complain about bots
  7. hey bud hope ur doing fine we havent chatted in while .. just making sure  ur good bro!

    1. L3ftY.


      hey man, all good here. hows things with you capt

    2. captnconcrete


      good good i hate my job .. lol  


      an imabout to be a grandpa.. i am so excited  she went in this morning and is dilated to a 4  so wont be long now...

  8. Some decent bands from down under

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