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  1. That cover picture... seems familiar.

  2. Hey L3ftY, can you delete my account? I followed instruction way back and just didn't log in anymore but it's been two years and now I'm getting weekly e-mails.

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    2. kajto3


      Everyone has the right to be forgotten. If any registered user on some kind of website asks to delete his account, the administration is obliged to purge the account and alll the personal data belonging to him.


      I'm just posting some all known Internet rules. This also applies to GDPR/ RODO – new EU law for companies


    3. GI-JOE


      We are also not a company....


    4. daredevil


      @kajto3 - Updated forums today - We are GDPR compliance. But we are us based. Post/topic/files/etc can't be deleted. GDPR is about privacy policy and when user register on our forums, they accept our privacy policy. 


      Once they user clicks "submit" they are effectively releasing what they posted to you as a conscious action. Email analogy: if someone sends you an email it is now forever in your possession. GDPR is about personal information not about publicly-submitted content.

  3. L3ftY.

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    Marchand fighting with his lips
  4. L3ftY.

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    I'm going to guess you meant it the other way....1 for toronto and 2 for SJ? Or are you really expecting New Jersey and Colorado in final? haha...a converted Leafs fan eh
  5. L3ftY.

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    Unfortunately the Jets go all the way with Laine and the Sharks die early
  6. hey koby man, glad to see you here! cya on HC later
  7. L3ftY.

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    16. Wpg 15. Tor 14. Was 13. Veg 12. Nas 11. TB 10. Pit 9. SJ 8. Col 7. LA 6. Bos 5. Clb 4. NJ 3. Phi 2. Min 1. Ana
  8. L3ftY.

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    could be another interesting playoffs
  9. happy birthday Sis!

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