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  1. The older faces remember me and the new ones haven't a clue. That is why I am writing this. To let old friends know where I have been and the new ones to get to know me. I joined FA quite a few years back and loved it here. The most fun I had ever had. I met so many new people and had a blast gaming with them. After a while, I had a few heart attacks, but then had a massive heart attack. I ended up having an emergency quadruple bypass. I didn't let it stop me though, I tried to hang out and play as much as I could. But not long after, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and my health crashed. I was already dealing with extensive nerve damage and this put everything over the top. For those of you who do not know, CHF causes fluid to build around your heart and in that process your heart struggles as it beats and the fluid build up causes your lungs to also fill which makes it hard to breathe and in turn causes things like, Upper Respiratory Infection, Flu, Pneumonia and so on. Because of this, I took time off from gaming and focused on my family. My health continued to go south but at the same time, I had my first 2 grandchildren. They changed my life, caused me to want to live and I decided from then on out, I would do whatever it took to live and see them grow up. Right in the middle of all this I had another heart attack, I had a 90% blockage and as I was having the heart attack, it caused me to have a stroke. I spent quite some time in the hospital trying to get better and only about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I got out. I decided I would enjoy my grandchildren and my favorite past time, playing games. Well, that is what brought me back around here. I decided, I would come and try to have some fun with my old friends and hopefully make a few new ones. I don't know how long I have left, or what God has in store for me, but I plan on living life as full as I can, doing the things that make me happy. I will be around as much as I can and try to help out where I am able. It feels good to be home and hopefully I will be able to stick around this time. Love, Chameleon
  2. It took me a sec to realize the pen holding her hair up in a bun was drawing on her back lol..
  3. Awe, I love the puppy with his little stuffed animal.. You know he's a good boy
  4. Snow is finally melting off, I'm glad and bummed at the same time..

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    2. Chameleon


      You are more than welcome to all of mine lol

    3. Symfony


      If only i could be so lucky


    4. Chameleon


      I love a big snow :D 

  5. Those were totally the smallest numbers lol
  6. Chameleon


    I am going Saturday to get 2 more tats, this will make my total 35 and oddly enough, I feel like I am nowhere near the end of having them hehe..
  7. Poor Barbie, I bet she misses her glory days hehe
  8. Every time I see this video, even if I just had dinner, I get hungry all over again lol
  9. I nerd out over any and all things Space. Read this article this morning and loved that Mercury was visible. May be boring to some, but I love it.. I am a "Sky Watcher' https://earthsky.org/todays-image/photos-early-dec-2018-mercury
  10. Yeah when I finally got out of the city many years ago and back into the mountains, I could pay much more attention to the sky and it's surroundings. A few years back, in November, I was able to be a part of the Leonid meteor shower that produced around 50 or more meteors per hour, and I would venture to say 20 of those each hour were fireballs.. Those always amaze me with the different colors they turn and the varying intensities of the light that flash with them, just totally blew my mind.
  11. I feel ya. Sometimes events happen and I miss them and it is indeed a bummer. I try to keep up as much as I can so I can see the meteor showers and so on..
  12. More Dr. stuff this morning, but finally home :D

    1. captnconcrete


      hope was all good news!

    2. Chameleon


      Thanks and indeed it was a good visit.. 

  13. Chinese Restaurant cracked me up hehe
  14. Coming out of the tattoo shop yesterday, I was greeted with a lovely sight
  15. Had so much fun on Silent this morning playing, just good in general to be playing though hehe.. But, I was dismayed at the attitudes of some of the players. I am learning how to play, I am old and it's taking some time, so my lack of any skill was obviously getting on some peoples nerves, saying 'useless' or how I wasn't doing this or that.. Made me feel bad, I wanted to help my team, but I am not even sure how most of it works yet.. I understand it must be frustrating when a new player is basically no help, but to get new players and to keep them, I don't feel like they should be put down.. I hope I improve and become a better player and become a benefit to my team. I will continue to practice
  16. I have been a member here for a long time, due to health reasons and 2 awesome grandchildren, I have not been around. I cannot promise to be active like I use to be, but I do plan on buying COD again and hopping on to join in some fun. Anyway, for those who don't know me, I am Chameleon and this has been my home for quite some time. Nice to meet all the new people and see some old friends
  17. yoyo!  :D

    1. tipsy



  18. Babysitting my granfchildren later today. So very excited!

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