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  1. Old man, you in here?

  2. Loved the headstone, always the optimist lol
  3. I played for an hour or so last night, for me, being old and all, there was a pretty big learning curve. I am to old to process all the extra inputs and all.. Nothing will ever replace ET lol
  4. Anyone playing this? I downloaded it today, haven't played yet but it looks fun and it's FREE! This is the PS4 trailer, but it's also on other consoles and PC.
  5. Omg that first pic with the star wars on the belt at the grocery is awesome! I would love to walk into a local store and see this lol
  6. So I was watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade last night and early on into the movie he travels to Italy. I have seen this movie a thousand times and never noticed this. As he and 2 two other characters were walking towards what they called and old church, my mind was blown! It was the building from the Venice map in ET! You can even see the little rounded bridge over on the left and everything. I just thought this was super cool and wanted to share it with everyone.
  7. Cheep!  ❤️

    1. CheepHeep


      Hey! How you doing brother? :)

  8. Haha someone didn't count their banana's right lol
  9. Grilling me softly had me actually laughing out loud lol
  10. Agreed, I am old and out of the loop lol
  11. Nope, sure isn't my friend. Bilbo said this at his 111 Birthday party. Skip to around 50 seconds if you want to see the quote
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