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  1. Great news! :D

    Thanks everyone, i've never been so excited hehe
  2. Great news! :D

    I have been busy lately with deaths in the family and all that, but I am here with awesome news! My first grandchild was born this morning at 7:33.. I have never been so happy! I just wanted to share the joy with everyone, so I made this video in his honor!
  3. On the serious side.. :'(

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes.. Means a lot to have friends at a time like this.. You guys are the greatest
  4. On the serious side.. :'(

    I lost 2 of my best friends last night within hours of each other.. 1 was a cardiac arrest and the other suicide.. I am crushed.. If you believe in prayer, I would appreciate prayers for the families and for myself.. I feel so totally lost right now..
  5. The world today and the F|A

    You forgot about your favorite redneck voice, me Hehehe
  6. There should be.....

    Nom nom nom nom
  7. Pic of the Day 16.07.17

    Bahaha 9 months to respond
  8. Just tired of seeing Chameleon's 2015 blog.

    Hahaha I will work something up for you Smoke
  9. Pic of the Day 12.07.17

    Hahaha love the plumber pic!
  10. There should be.....

    Hahaha you have always been awesome to me! And you have always cracked me up lol
  11. There should be.....

    A forum for inactive members hehe. I feel discriminated against
  12. Pic of the Day 10.07.17

    That first one is awesome.. Now that's how to clean a toilet lol
  13. Pic of the Day 07.07.17

    Haha I love Paris.. That cracked me up
  14. Happy Thanksgiving :D

    To all who celebrate this time of year. But I am thankful for all of you