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  1. Speaking of posters ...I did this in my boring bathroom. The settings were through the Brother printer regarding quality, grayscale or color, jpeg or whatever format. These are 8.5 x 11 inches, close to your 12 x 18. I first printed about 100 other ones on a much smaller scale.
  2. Toronto here, west side of GTA...born, raised, and will probably be pushing up weeds 6ft under here as well. Big Leaf fan however Laine is awesome and always did like Hawerchuk. Never did like the Canucks.
  3. It's from an Adam Sandler movie. He is the Bruins fan not me, although Rask is one hell of a goalie.
  4. I just want to get out and hit some Calloways off the tee...
  5. I believe the leader of the largest and most powerful nation in the free world mentioned 'injecting disinfectants' internally in a White House briefing Thursday. Maybe check your local news for POTUS updates. As for UV rays, yes they can kill the virus on surfaces, NOT inside the human body, as that same individual had suggested. The makers of Lysol had to immediately put out a statement advising consumers not to ingest or inject disinfectants internally because of that statement.
  6. Sad but true, that those with power value money more than their fellow man.
  7. You could always just sit in the sun and inject yourself with disinfectant. I heard somewhere that stupidity will cure the virus. Even the states that are opening up businesses know that money is far more important than saving lives.
  8. The whole point of this topic is to keep players happy and continually coming back and having fun on this server. What we don't want are maps that will make players leave, and there are a few of those maps. Server killer maps are what you should focus on not putting in the rotation. Unfortunately some of them are very popular on other servers but hardcore shouldn't have some of these as players leave as soon as they are picked. and the reason they are played often are because of the few players selecting them from other servers. Italy has become one of those maps on HC. When I first saw Fragzone I thought this wouldn't last but I was wrong. It's small, intense, no obj, and for some reason it works. minas castle or whatever the name is, won't ever work. And it seems to be the bigger maps that tend to fail hard.
  9. Let's keep this topic "humorous" as the title suggests, shall we?
  10. my opinion... It's going to be a hard rule to enforce unless admin are constantly watching who has it and ...how many maps was that again? I can honestly think of better things to do. @Nancy the rule was never cancelled, but it was never really enforced either. It was just put in place because of certain players 'hogging' the panzer map after map, and only was happening on J1 I believe at that time. On HC and S1 there are a couple pf players that hog it, but no one else really wants the 'noob tube' anyway

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