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Hey ;3


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I've been on server for a while now off and on and I though it's about time I make a account for the forums to introduce myslef.


Real Life:

Names Amber 'm 24, married and have a beautiful 7-month old daughter. We own two business and trying to kick off a record label with that begin said we work for ourselves and during slow times I will sometimes hop on and play a map or two. Also play over night some and I do have to leave the game a lot and sometimes right after starting a map but I always disconnect and never stay inactive on a map, kinda hate people who do that. My husband would probably say no but I say we are a little nerdy, after family, work and music it comes all down to games. When there is free time to kill what better way to kill it? Think that's personal enough for now.



Yes women do play games! Typical stereotype I hate >.>

Anywhoo, when I was in college I bunked with this girl who was a huge Unreal fan and I started playing off and on and became quite skilled. Problem was I did not like the fact it was well Unreal and I wanted something more realistic to pass the time and this game is perfect as easy to get started and has real objectives unlike Unreal.


In Game Name - YMCMB

I'm really active on forums so might have a lookie later.



It's kinda late so might be some grammar mistakes but anyways...

Anything you want to know just ask =)






- on a side note, I just created the forums account using a FB link as I have enough passwords and logins to keep up with so like do I just click the FB log in from now on? No need to ever set a password?

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Hello, and welcome to the forums!


Trying to start a record label huh? What kind of acts are you looking for? I'm a bit of a music nerd myself :)


Husband created Blocc Mobb Entertainment and it's a independent hip-hop label.







Hey Amber, welcome to the forums :]


There's a lot of girly members here ^^ Girls are taking over F|A muhahahha <3 gurl power


'way it should be ;3'

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HI YMCMB. Glad you made it to forums and sad in those troublesome circumstances.

Good luck with your businesses.


About staying spectators its good for server, then it shows human players for this server and it attracts more players. But disconnecting is way more better than staying in team idle for ages ;)


About that kindergarten in the nq nobots its good start to try to grow your children :P

Well hope with some effort its going to more pleasant place to have relaxing fun after workdays. And hope to see you more around in servers and forums.


Have fun


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