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  1. I've played ET for many years off and on, alot of different servers but my favorite moment was joining FA Jaymod 2 and every moment since then.
  2. KONY 2012 Leader Detained

    Lol, makes me even happier that I didn't jump on the KONY 2012 bandwagon.
  3. Smacking a child. Yes or no?

    I'am not old enough to have experienced an "ass whopping" but I and my siblings would always get a smack on the ass or hand depending on what we did. I'd like to say it influenced me in some way to be the person I'am today considering that I've never done drugs, sneaked out of the house, stayed out to late past a curfew and have gotten good grades. I guarentee when I have childern I'll probably spank them for bad behaviour.
  4. SOPA is Dead: Smith Pulls Bill

    I agree with the above statement, slimey politicians.
  5. 100 Years in 10 Minutes

    Some things are missing but still a good video.
  6. World Juniors!

  7. Happy new year to all :)

    I am only in 2011 Happy new year.
  8. hello

    Wrong section for an application. Welcome to the forums and see you around on the servers.
  9. whats everyone doing for christmas?

    On Christmas Eve we always visit the grandparents and stay home Christmas day. On new years i'll hang around the house, I think its a stupid thing to celebrate.
  10. Other Happy holidays and Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  11. World Juniors!

    Alberta is known for it's oil but in a few weeks it'll be all about the gold! Go Canada go.
  12. Ron Paul - Real Change for Americans

    Honestly, it doesn't matter whom the Americans choose to run against Obama. They will lose.
  13. G.I.Joe 2 Retaliation

    Wasn't a huge fan of the first one but this one could be good.
  14. Taken 2

    Loved the first one, looking forward to seeing this one.