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  1. wait... does it recuire the potato to be precooked? cus if not, 4minutes is impressive as f***
  2. This kid will surely be one hell of a footballer! He is only 15 and he is the youngest player ever in the norwegian premier league (Tippeligaen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Smi8jvNixL8
  3. what is ManU's manager thinking? doesnt really do any good to have one of the best offensive teams in the BPL when ur defence has more holes than modern jeans...
  4. fifa 13 has better movement but 14 has better and more realistic shots
  5. use a voice chat(like ts/skype), or play the game thru steam and use the steam chat
  6. Yea im not gona be a stranger i just feel i dont have much to give this community and the community is not the same as it used to be... But i will keep in touch, cant just leave all you oldies like you speed, you are one of the people that made me apply for this community.
  7. I want to start with thanking you guys for the close to 4 years in the F|Amily, its been a blast, with its ups and downs. The reason of me leaving is simple: I rarely play the games the clan provides, and the clan in my opinion is in a downwards spiral... it all used to be about beeing the best community there is, and lately ive been feeling like its just about getting bigger and bigger, (like the recruitment process is just basicly about getting more ppl in....) But i dont want to leave saying its all bad! You are an awesome bunch of people and im probably just not playing enough to get to know all the new guys. As i said thanks for everything, i will probably drop by TS and the cod4 servers at some point but i dont feel like i have anything to give to the clan anymore. Big shoutout goes to: GI:Joe, Speedfact, Souljahmon, midnight(or w/e ur name is nowadays) phoenix, baska, Laintime and Theo519 (im sure im missing someone but yeh...) for beeing the awesome people ive shared so many great time with! dont know if im "good enough" to get the honored vet or clan friend tag but ive felt more like something along those ranks than an actual admin lately. So with those words Thank you guys and cya around! //ChiLLyoOo
  8. LoLwut?! who makes a movie about a tire
  9. dun rly give a f*** about the looks aslong as shes a awesome person, but if i had to choose of those 2 it would be curvy for sure!
  10. what u got against us lovely finns?
  11. wrong section too this is a section for vehicles

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