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  1. Guys long time that i haven't been here looking to get back to game abit more wondering whos getting the new MW so i can have an idea how many of us can play together my battle net is MoAZeR#2486 we will; be able to add eachother with ps4 and xbox soon when it comes out. Best Regards, MoAZeR
  2. got friends who did and they love it as well so its a good game if they said that as they are big cod fans m8
  3. yea not bad beta runs fine let see how a full game will preform :D
  4. the gamelooks good also i got 3 keys pm me for them thanks/
  5. add me guys moazer#2486 or moazerrks@gmail.com thanks
  6. Yea sorry i measure in KG as am studying the Course
  7. Saw this vid I really have love for this guy what he has done and achieved is amazing. If people would have that much Strength as him to lose of that body fat within that time its just AMAZING. He has i recon around 15% of body fat now! which is amazing because i have 11% at weight of 90.
  8. amazing video and tip may have to use that weapon
  9. yea when it comes out we can play on the same server man and work in a team and trust then we will get the most exp and we will win
  10. just kill main point have fun hope FA gets a server so we can get it populated right away
  11. MoAZeR

    =F|A=Game Nights


    this was great fun i loved tf2 hope we can play it more often guys love you all no homo
  12. BF4 Pre Ordered :)

    1. Sponkala


      Are you playing open beta?

    2. Mask356


      It will be trash like the bf3... Wait till premium ...

  13. I will donate 20 towards the server if that helps.
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