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  1. Happy Birthday YMCMB!

  2. Happy Birthday YMCMB!

  3. I do, not had a wreck since I was a teenager though. Also my car has like 4 air bags and our escalade has like 4 as well which provides some protection. Ofc, any kids or minors are in the appropriate seating and minors are forced to wear seat-belts but as a adult I'd rather not wear one. Little late for that last part and pretty sure my kids will be well off and possibly more so then yours (implying you do or will have kids). Why so negative?
  4. YMCMB

    Watzuuup !! Romanian version :)

    There goes a min and 12 seconds I'll never get back ;c
  5. YMCMB

    New Matx Gaming Rig I'm Working On ...

    How is the temperate? Seems like it would over heat and lock or is it stable?
  6. Lol, I understand where you are coming from. Couple of the others on this thread (one mainly) are complete assholes and seem to shoot down other threads as well. It might be and probably is a phase but we all went though phases at some point and was anyone able to stop your phase(s)? Probably not. I don't see posting this thread as too aggressive yet he was met with a aggressive amount of unjust negativity for doing so in which people even used quotes from this against him on another thread. I see a bigger picture behind this which is acceptance. We are so caught up with what men and women have to like, watch, act, and talk it's becoming to the point we can not think for ourselves without labels getting attached which is disgusting. Hell, when I was young I used to watch WWF which then was even more of a male audience then it is now and I took a lot of sh*t for that. I grew out of that as it is fake and now owning a bar years later we stream UFC which is real and I'll sometimes make a appearance and get in on some of the small betting pools and at that time it's pretty much men only and after they get done starring at my ass then it becomes the look like is she really in charge, lol. It always takes them off guard when I know who's fighting and most of time make accurate predictions on the fights. Due to call ins there has been times I have to work at the pawn and if a men comes up with a question about firearms, smokes, knives they always give that look 'like is there a man here' and again it just blows their mind that I know my sh*t. We are too caught up in the fact genders can only like or due certain things. I can honestly say this is an American problem as well. Tons of women in Brazil have guns, fight, smoke, drink etc. In the US if a women does such she is labeled as either a slut or worse as it's deemed inappropriate for our gender here. If a girl smokes and has a tattoo, etc she is a slut yet if a boy has such he is cool. Yet I'm successfully, own my businesses and rarely have to work and have a wonderful family and a perfect husband proving stereotypes Wong. This is the underline of a much bigger problem which is acceptance. Chances are if a 16-year old girl made this thread it'd be fine and that's the point. You are negative toward as his gender is indeed male. Haters need to stop with the fu*king hate and focus on what makes them happy. I don't care if he likes ponies or playboys he is respectful so deserves respect. I understand where you are coming from John but you must agree on some level these assholes like kevinbeacon for example are just sad pathetic trolls that are too damn insecure with their own likes and dislikes.
  7. I do really hate that law. Seat belts are uncomfortable and I will never wear one. I think I've been pulled over 4 or 5 times since the law passed and thankfully let off each time with a warning. My husband on the other hand has gotten two of them and I don't think they where quite $300 but not sure I'd have to look it up. EDIT: There where actually $280. I apologize you are right.
  8. YMCMB

    What song are you listening to right now?

  9. Lol, come on that's just sick...
  10. It is a cash grab attempt and I think legally they can and will do what they please. You are in the right but I would not make a attempt to sue but who knows maybe if the firm does contact back you can go for it. We each have our own ways and I'd just pay but either way I wish you nothing but the best on the outcome.
  11. I have never heard about these ponies before this thread to be honest. I've seen the little pet shop ones but never these. Guess there where not here in my childhood. Be nice, some boys are into these things. Some girls are the same way I know I am. Things like these I don't find cute. I'd prefer to be watching a horror movie, driving one of my atvs, listening to or working with rap artist, playing poker, sitting at the bar with my husbands bros and hanging at gun range. (gun enthusiast) Even as a child I often climbed trees, was into sports, and read comic books. English is my first language and it sucks, my others just as good and we are usually looked up to for how we speak and act.. I smoke, cuss and drink normally. Own a pawn shop, a adult novelty shop, bar and trying to get into other things. Created all them. I talk and act different then most all females. Not everyone wants to have to surrender and only like what they gender has to in order to be accepted sociably. Some like to lead lifes and some like to follow what is cool and hip. I have nothing but respect for thread owner and you should too. I see you make trolly comments on more then one person's thread which makes me think "kevinbacon" is insecure about his likes and dislikes. He's a follower which is good as we need people to work would not be good if we all owned businesses and was in charge. We need leaders and followers to make the world work. @Dddrgn:you like what you like. Don't let anyone tell you it's wrong or indecent. F**K the haters.
  12. YMCMB

    96-year old woman ties the knot.

    I think it's amazing and this story is inspiring. I know first hand how we (young people) often mistake love and are prone to fall in love and it fade away like it was never there. This story brings our age group hope in the manor of teaching people that love has no age and awaits everyone. There is someone for everyone and it is worth the wait sometimes. Why I shared
  13. Harassment - possibly In our experiences with the law and legal systems it's best to just pay the fines and shut up. I truly believe you are in the right but I don't see you winning. I've been fined many times for breaking minor laws on a business end and I just bite my tongue and pay them. Last thing you or anyone wants to do is paint a target on yourself or cause a vendetta. I'm glad we have laws and people to enforce them but many times as in your case the law is harassing people via bogus fines which is not right but it's just easier to go along with it and hope if and when you need help they will be there for you to return the favor. You are in the right but my personal advice would be bite my tongue and pay the bullsh*t fines.
  14. YMCMB

    Hello on forums!

    think i've seen you before welcome!