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  1. F|A Beginners 24/7 - Notice: Player kicked

    I re installed CoD: MW and once I connect and get to the team select screen on the F|A server I get kicked in about 2 seconds with the message "Notice: Player kicked". Why is this?
  2. When I previously played CoD:MW I played on a cd copy. Is there a way for me to have this same account copied onto my steam copy? Thanks.
  3. A little lesson on sterotypes

    Wow that was great
  4. League of legends

    How many wins do you guys have?
  5. Prices paid for CoD:MW 3 by You

    I payed around $65 on steam for it.
  6. nintendo Nintendo 3DS

    I love it. I've been playing Ocarina of time.
  7. Best characters always die -.-

    It's unacceptable the way PC gamers are STILL getting screwed.
  8. nintendo Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah! - Just got it in the mail yesterday. The $150 deal is gone now... but you can still get one for $170 no tax and only $3 shipping on Overstock.com!
  9. nintendo Nintendo 3DS

    I just bought mine a couple days ago for $150.... Seems like it's time for you to buy one now.
  10. Ice Finger of death. Amazing!

  11. Worlds smallest car

    That's so cool. Proud of my Dutch roots!
  12. How many of you...

    i'm using a Droid X. I am running libertymod.
  13. What's your favorite class to play?

    Yeah I meant G3
  14. What's your favorite class to play?

    G11 for life.
  15. Unknown Facts of COD4

    Wow - i'll try some of these out.