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I'm back :)


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After playing for a short time, I unfortunately had to stop playing for awhile.  Quick background, 29 years ago, when I was 16, I was in a really bad car accident that left me with a chronic MRSA infection in my right hip joint.  I've had many surgeries over the years to try to get rid of it and nothing has worked.   In late April of this year, the infection flared up badly and I went to a different hospital with an amazing team of surgeons that did 6 major surgeries in 7 weeks.  I was hospitalized for 3 months and have been recovering since July.  It's been a rather painful recovery as they left the incision open and I have a woundvac on it.  So I have been living with a 13cm long and 9cm deep wound on my hip.  Needless to say it was kind of impossible to sit long at my desk to play ET :)  But, I'm finally able to do it, and I will be back in the servers playing terribly as usual.  Happy fragging :)

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It is very good to see that our Beloved ET is a mark of your Progress!


It is also very good to see you back!


I had better say no more right now, or I might get a little "gushy" with sympathy!  


I just searched TrackBase for your very joyously colored name and  it says that you are GAMING on Jay#1 right now!  😄 🏁



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First word that comes to my mind is OUCH!!!!, second is I am happy and glad your doing ok and feeling better.  I cant imagine a life of pain like that and having to endure long and tedious surguries, I only wonder how you developed that horrible infection in the first place didnt the doctors give you any antibiotics when you where in the hospital in the first place when you where in your car accident.  Anyways good to hear that you are doing much better welcome back to Et

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