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  1. Mmmmm gotta love that arty. Good times
  2. A great old classic but a movie that I always have to watch around Halloween time
  3. Heard that song once playing GTA IV Lost and the dammned add-on
  4. Peace Tea. Just Peachy sooooo good !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If you ask me sounds like the guy she is with is a real Prick to think that is cool she should tell that dude to have your fill but don't expect me to wait. If she has any brains
  6. Wow so many amazing stories and very touching ones as well. I have always wondered how people felt about this subject especially people from Eastern European contries, and I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.
  7. What a touching story blade, and I thank you very much for telling us your story. And from the bottom of my heart I thank everyone's family members that have served in the Armed Forces for everyone's Freedom from tyranny. I for one have not served but my Grandfather served in the Navy during WW2 in the Pacific Theatre as a Turret Gunner on a ship and Salute our troops
  8. Very sad to read he was a legend RIP. Eddie VanHalen
  9. Very true L3fty and that is one thing that everyone should remember forever
  10. Wow, what a heart felt and amazing story. I always wondered how people felt about this topic especially the great people of Poland knowing some history of the Polish people have taken a lot of hell and it just irritated me on how some people in the world treated the Polish. I for one thank you for telling us your story about your mothers uncle that went through hell in one those concentration camps I can't even imagine how that was for the survivors. I have always wanted to visit all the concentration camps just for the remembrance and history places and all the horror that went on in tho
  11. I find myself wondering this since we all play and enjoy a WW2 themed/based game wondering about history and our war veterans especially the ones that have fought in WW2 and think of the hell our soldiers went through. I myself thank them everyday for the heroic actions that they did for our freedoms and just wonder if anyone else feels the same way I do? And does anyone have any family members that served in any wars. Please share your thoughts and if anyone has any stories to share feel free.
  12. dink when you coming back, bud!!!?!?!?

    1. Dink the Clown

      Dink the Clown

      Been very busy with real life stuff ya know how that goes.


         But fear not The Clown will return soon!!




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