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  1. Yea no kidding like any German car like my 1985 Porcshe 928. Having a car like these is like hanging out with a super model they are hot great eye candy but man you need to spend the dough to keep them happy ( running) Nice car @nuestra
  2. Hello @Nenich, welcome to the forums and I think I have seen you a while back on Jay 1 might be mistaken. I am also a old ET player that hopped back on the saddle again, basically just like you noticing =F|A= servers and when I came on their servers I automatically felt this is my home, ( of course there are a lot of members of my old stomping grounds different server here) which made me feel even more at home. Anyways you picked a great community to come back to, and hope to see you sometime in the battlefield. <--------- LMAO
  3. Wishing @Leatherface a very Happy Birthday and many more to come. Hope all your wishes come true cause nothing better could happen to a better person very kind and very helpful. Here is some coffee for ya too lol and have a birthday beer on me
  4. Very impressive @Basalisk, I really loved what you said about the younger ones and doing what needs to be done see what needs to seen. I don't have that impressive of a vacation list other that the great places I have been to work related as a former Clown. But the places I have been to as a kid traveling with my Grandmother are the most precious to me visiting places such as The Space Needle in Seattle,Washington, visiting various cities and towns of Oregon, seen most of California, Nevada one great little town called Ely, Nevada if you are one that loves old fashioned locomotives,
  5. Happy New Year to all of the FAmily wishing you all the best as well to all of our visitors and donators. Lets just hope this year will be better unlike shitty 2020. 2020. 2021
  6. Merry Christmas to the F|Family hope all is well and have a great NEW YEAR. The time of the year to spend time with loved ones and family cherish these moments forever. Love to all and best wishes
  7. Happy Birthday sorry I am late just noticed. . Have a beer on me
  8. Gonna be gone for a while, need to take another break and have lots to do.  Keep the Mp40's well oiled for me when I come back 😉.


    Merry Christmas to everyone, and have a Happy New Year, at least let's hope it will be better than shitty 2020😷

  9. Look to the skies tonight if interested in astronomy. Jupiter and Saturn will merge👀👀.  Last time this happened was in the 17th century

  10. Missed it again . I though it was gonna be all day from 12 to 12 oh well
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