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  1. Here is a photo of me just relaxing shitty photo quality cause of a cheap tablet. Sorry no clown make up
  2. Hey everyone @Dink the Clown here of course haha . Since I have been away due to computer issues I have been playing PS4 and playing this game called Crossout pretty fun game. It's a game where you build a vehicle arm it to the teeth and own anyone who dares to cross your path if you can, I have always loved car destruction types of games and this game reminds me of a better version of the old classic Vigilante 8, and also this rare mostly unheard of game by the name of Hard Truck Apocalypse. Here is a SS of the game If you ever play it on PS4 or Xbox look me up
  3. I saw this on YouTube and just had to lmao
  4. Wow I had no idea that was Studebaker ! Cool car I bet it's worth a pretty penny
  5. What kinda car is that kind of cool looking and unusual??
  6. Hello @speedac welcome to the forums
  7. Very good post and also such a great topic that happens all the time. I myself usually have a difficult time figuring out what to do or when to try to balance teams and usually have some one that is a nay sayer about who I have moved to balance the team (" NOT POINTING FINGERS"). I really appreciate this topic and also is helpful. Top notch
  8. That was awesome totally wanna play that
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Rambozo may you have many more with great health.
  10. Nice bike what make is that?
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