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  1. Thank you all for the welcome. Just a heads up, I am a female. An old one lol.
  2. I manage one of the offices for a tow truck company. Cars that are in accidents are brought here and I make sure they're either released to insurance companies or if they leave the vehicle and don't pay the bill, I file all the paperwork to take possession of their vehicle and put a lien against them. The only other employee here is my husband because he's a tow truck driver. We have a few other offices and impound yards and I do all the papewrwork for those ones too. I'm just really good at my job and get everything done right away lol. By contract with the State Police, I have to be her
  3. Seneca because I'm 100% full blood Native American Indian and my tribe is the Seneca Nation of Indians ( https://sni.org/culture/ for some background) in Western New York state, USA. Wolf because it's the clan my family belongs to. (Quick explanation here https://sni.org/culture/clans/ ) . I've been using this gamer tag since the days of RtCW, my first tag was [FuN]SenecaWolf.
  4. Hey Flash, I've played with you on Kernwaffe and AoS servers awhile back. Good to see you!
  5. Hey friends, Just want to say that I'm so glad to find an active and fun ET server. I haven't played in a couple years but I used to be a member of [FuN] waaaaaay back in the day, then after that I played clanless for some time. I few years ago I was playing on Kernwaffe servers and ended up getting recruited into AoS and then life got in the way and I had no time for gaming. My job now is ridiculously easy and my work is completed within the first few hours so now I have all kinds of time to play and I even get paid while doing it lol. I've been playing on your Jaymod server and very
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