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Event: W:ET Game Night

in Community Calendar
Added by darkfang77, 21 Sep 2011

Taking place 24 Sep 2011 through 25 Sep 2011 (Ranged Event)


The W:ET Game Night begins on the 24th Sept. and is for the whole weekend, ending on the 25th Sept.
RSVP if you can attend. And this should be a good night. :thanks

To connect to server type in console:

\connect jay4.clan-fa.com

Fun War is on!!

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28 Attending


So it,s more like W:ET Gameweekend ? :P
ill be online on sunday
Yes @ Spitfire!
Yup :D i like! :D
I'll be there. What server
I'll be more towards TF2 but I'll get on probably.

I'll be there. What server

I'll be there if i won't forget haha.. i'll be away saturday night though :P
There's a jay4 now? What's it actually called?
Check trackbase, it's called no download germany|france
/connect jay4.clan-fa.com
What time does it start tonight? is there time when its happening tonight?
Its on!
its on!
Its still on!!!
i need to pay better attention :/ all the fun that i've been missing out on :( shame on me!