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  1. Spitfire

    Stalingrad - stalingrad.pk3

  2. Spitfire

    Favourite Beer

    cold beer
  3. Spitfire

    Best ET server :)

    I think i should say Jay1 because that's the first server i started to play in and what got me stuck in FA but i wanna say Fun1, wish there would only be more players online more often.
  4. Spitfire

    Totally nofair teams (fun1) and (begineers2)

    !howfair doesn't actually show much, you get much better overview by doing /scores in console and check out the kills and damage, you need no level for that. You can put few players with high KD in one team against bunch of others with lower KD and !howfair still shows teams fair enough meanwhile /scores are strongly higher on one team. I suggest to send PM to players, asking them personally to join the other team, that way they pay more attention on your concern and ofcourse join weaker team yourself - be example for others.
  5. Looks like winter is coming back.

    1. (FORCE)


      Hope that is not the case ... :(

    2. Spitfire


      Aaaaand it's spring again :D

  6. Spitfire

    Trick jump (Fun1)

    Thanks for reporting about it. Will try to keep an eye on this.
  7. dude its ben a long time since we saw you spitting in jay2, hope all is good

    1. Spitfire


      Im alright, thanks, it's just work is killing most of my time atm. :)

  8. Spitfire

    When a map becomes a place.

    During my army service last winter i had that feeling sometimes when i was running around with my gun and at some points ET winter maps came up to my mind if that's what you had in mind.
  9. Spitfire

    Top 10 best fraggers from our jaymod servers

    1.SpecialEd 2.Vokur 3.Amadi 4.Nohope 5.Kaolin 6.Cledus 7.Grog 8.Sean 9.Halfwit 10.Nandet Too bad they only show their real skills when noone is online
  10. Just when i stay near home for a little while and have a chance to play ET i cut little piece of my triggerfinger almost off.That's just freaking perfect.

  11. My lovely Shitty.....it seems everyone from the old crew has grown up and is too busy for dis shit....except Achiyan

    1. Spitfire


      Yea, sadly, time is a thief.

  12. Sorry for my absence guys, new job is totally killing my time and i spend very little time at home.

    1. Unknown


      don't worry, glad that we see you on forums at least :)


  13. Spitfire

    FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil... Whats ur team???????

    It's fun to be only Germany fan in your group of friends with whom you watch the game! Fkit btches!
  14. Germany ftw! I'm a german tonight! :D

  15. Spitfire

    Pic of the Day 17.06.14

    Didn't knew Dr.Dre was into corrosion resistant materials business.