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  1. building a pc isnt hard. once you find a motherboard that suits what you want/need then its all downhill from there. order everything in one go and when it all arrives it takes maybe 20 minutes to put together. i've never bought a pre-built PC because its a major waste of money and future proofing is almost zero
  2. I'll be able to pew pew soon! Whose ready to die by my hand? By die, I mean whose ready to completely dominate me lol
  3. Thanks guys. You know I miss you all. Even if I died I'd return lol
  4. I've been gone for quite a while, then popped up, then gone again, then popped back up, and now....? Can't quite say but I've been eating, sleeping, and dreaming ET and the clan. I've met a bunch of new clan members about 2 or so months back. That's a bittersweet feeling. I gotta catch up. Anyway, life's been a rollercoaster ride. I've got full custody of my three little ones(ages 9b, 7g, 5b). Lately I've been dating this wonderful woman for the past half year or so.... And my PC is at her house lol... My old PC is down but I'm almost finished with it. Soon I shall murder you all(more than likely I'll be the one murdered lol) soon on the servers!
  5. I gots a new lady oh...im sideways...oh well, on my planet this is normal.
  6. everyone keeps forgetting about primitives..... seta r_primitives 2
  7. Dude I am back playing ET :P

  8. Achiyan


    i tend to use the desktop version on mobile devices. mobile version used to irk me lol. never really had much of an issue tho
  9. wow, this hit me in the feels lol. im only 27 and dont quite remember the first PC my grandparents had. i do remember playing old doop-doop-doop games off the 5 1/4 floppies. then may granddad upgraded to windows 3.11 i was about six or seven and thats when my life changed. he taught me how to remove viruses using cmd prompts, executing files using the /run, /install, /setup, etc. he had that old flight simulator you were talking about. joystick and all. i couldnt get into it tho. i was hooked on Diablo, MegaRace, Duke Nukem, Doom, and Wolfenstein. oh, and skifree. by the time windows 95 came out, i was a PC pro for that age. man, Windows Navigator with the virtual house you can click through to get to your programs in a different way other than the main desktop. the memories!!!
  10. Hiya, anyone miss me?! just dropped off 20 bucks. was wrongfully fired, broke my cell phone, and my transmission went out all in the same week and for some odd reason i thought of FA and the fact that i never donated. lets make this a hobby Achi!!! 243030998U442242J
  11. thanks for the wishes guys and happy belated Elf lol. i've been away for a while. i believe im gonna pewpew a bit later on today
  12. Ah thanks guys and dolls and a special thanks to my wonderful fox. BTW, that cake... I'd totally lick the frosting of those spoons lol