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  1. Omg! Your still around. Do you remember kristy?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hulk


      I wonder what happened to her.🤔 I just knew you used to talk to her, and was just wondering how she was doing.

    3. tipsy


      All cool people got busy

    4. bell reavue

      bell reavue

      haven't talked to her in a long time but I'm sure she's doing great things irl!

  2. 1. Marrakech Streets 2 2. MLB Daybreak 3. Oasis 4. UJE_00 5. Ruins
  3. I'm running Windows 10 on a ~5 year old laptop and noticed I only had 2 GB free on my 100 GB hard drive. I ran a disc cleaner (CCleaner) and manually deleted some old files/apps and made it to 7.5 GB free, but after rebooting my computer and browsing the internet for a few minutes it dropped down to 6.3 GB free (maybe automatic Windows updates started downloading?). According to my settings, 7 GB is being used by my documents, pictures, videos, and music (it used to be more, but I just deleted itunes). 18 GB goes to applications, and 66 GB goes to system files. I can continue to delete old documents and move pictures and stuff to an external hard drive, but is 66 GB for systems files normal? Is there anything else I can do free up hard drive space that a disc cleaner like CCleaner hasn't already done?
  4. Thanks everyone - I'll look into these suggestions. I have some time to get one (need to finish saving up $$) so there's no hurry. I'm planning on using this just for work, no gaming. Fine with shipping. I don't really know how much space I need...I was just gonna go for as much as I could get without it getting crazy expensive. My current laptop has 128 GB storage and is full. I would not trust myself to build my own for cheaper - I can't even put together an Ikea bookshelf
  5. Hi all, I know very little about computers but need to buy a new one for work. I do a lot of data analysis so I need something fast and with lots of space to run programs like Matlab. A lot of people I work with have Macs, but I've never had one before and am worried about compatibility issues, though I like that they seem to be durable. They're also quite expensive so I'm wondering if I could get a cheaper PC and be just as satisfied. So if you know anything about computers, is there one you could recommend? And is my fear of Macs irrational? I am open to any suggestions but am hoping for something with a 13-15 inch screen, $900-1200, and that will last me 6+ years.
  6. Just wondering if anyone here uses Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/ It's like a social media website for movies. You can make an account and keep track of movies you want to see, write reviews of movies you watch, create lists, follow other users, etc. I like to keep track of all the movies I watch and I have a list of 25 movies I want to watch by the end of 2018. I also have a general watchlist where I keep track of every movie that looks interesting or that anyone's ever recommended to me. It's a great website for anyone who's into film! My profile there is bellreavue if you want to follow me.
  7. My resolutions are to learn python, get better at cooking, and learn to play the piano
  8. just went to my first hockey game. I think I'm a hockey fan now

    1. RedBaird


      Joining von Ranatala and Sis?

    2. Sisje


      it only takes one game! Huge fan myself since my first hockey game!

    3. Xernicus


      Seriously though. Went to my first hockey game with my (not so) baby cousin back when times were though. Had the time of my life! He said I was the loudest one in the arena. xDD

  9. Thanks everyone! Disabling antivirus and running as administrator did the trick.
  10. same...I want to have a party and watch them all back to back. It's only like 16 hours or so
  11. I have been trying to use PTT with Discord while playing ET but I can't get it to work. I went into my Discord settings and turned on the overlay and set the keybind (and tried multiple ones, making sure they weren't being used as binds in ET). It works fine when I am not playing ET, but when I start the game it stops working. I got an error message about Discord needing permission to use PTT, so I closed the program and ran as administrator like Google told me to do, but it still doesn't work. Just curious if anyone has a clue about what to do. I've been reading every tutorial and help document I can find but to no luck.

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