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  1. biaaaaaaaaaaaaatch :D

    1. yoyo


      omg! you still alive ,high five**  , btw we need to do knife war again on server someday and kick everybody off who don't follow lol jk xD


  2. Gotta Love me some DD <3 Muah Muah

  3. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    I didnt know i could love you even more , but now i think i do <3
  4. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    u have all my love since day one and u know it
  5. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    ahhh the 2008forum was cool .... hmm memories ... Love it!!!! P.S: DD can u make it dark theme as well pwese : )
  6. Whats your favorite layout

    none ! i want old forum back !!! with my fav dark theme ~~*goes cry in the corner*
  7. Bring me back my old forum and my old dark theme , cant see shit in here , its too bright :D


    1. CheepHeep



  8. Game Rocket League

    tbh you dont need a super good pc for it tho ... u can always lower your settings Matchmaking is fu*ked thats for sure ,but if u in party and want to play "good" games u can always go competitive
  9. Happy Bday to Baska & m00jii

    What ??? Yeah happy Bday Mooj ... thank you guys
  10. Hear me sing

    :) <3
  11. Official FA Discord

    You're Welcome
  12. Official FA Discord

    and then we can hear yor drunk sexy voice
  13. Official FA Discord

    Hello Dear Teammates /Lovers/ Friends and Haters We have set up "temp"(till DD aproves) discord , and we would love for you to join us http://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord Right now we are still in "testing" mode so your present will help us ... Much Love Baska P.S: I would like for all ppl from Recruting team + poke me or Shana on discord so i can set them P.S2: Here is link to windows installation https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=win
  14. Happy Birthday to Baska and m00jii

    Thx Guys . Happy Bday Moojjjjjjji