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  1. r u guys serious ? Trying to remove something that is the part of game since 4ever ? How about we will limit medics to 2,same with field ops ,sniper and we will only leave soldiers w/o mortar,flames and mg .? This is game ,leave it ... You can always change to server that does not allow poison knifes. Finito. pft
  2. hmm should i try and play some et ? decisions decisions

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    2. Vindstot


      ET is best game, so yes :)

    3. Baska


      ok i did try it ...i suck :P so nothing changed :P

    4. epicofail


      Come to Jay1 sometime.. ya noob

  3. Baska


    Oh wow didn't expect that. I dont like to ask for help/money but i guess this is the time that i will have to . She is not just my dog - She is my life,my daugther and my best friend . Tekila was born with heart disease ( regurgitation of the heart valve) but that never bother her in her happy puppy life. She's now almost 14 In march we found out that in her spleen she has 12cm/5in cancer . 19th march she had surgery.Vet removed the spleen. (Let me add that this is the same vet that was taking care of her since we got her.) And then the HELL started ... Some organs started to fail - liver,kidneys and pancreas. Serious inflammation of liver and pancreas and usually high Urea in blood, are stopping her from eating ,sometimes she doesn't even drink so we had to force her with syringes of food or water. From march 19th shes having iv treatments every 2nd day ,if test results are bad she needs them everyday. Vet said that the test results r so bad that the best we can do is to PUT HER DOWN... FU*K NO !!!! We changed the vet. We told her all about doggy,her history of treatments ,shots etc etc etc And she said that after new blood test and new ultrasound of her belly she will take care of her. (Well what can i say - old vet = one piece of Son of a biatch - dont get me even started .) Thx to her the liver is doing a lot better AP (liver) from 3000 to AP 410 ( still too much but we have it under control now) (1-141)<-normal results Pancreas from 1448,2 to 753,6 (1.00-120.0) <- normal results Urea from 290 to 109 (sometimes to 90) (3,30-8,30)<-normal results Each test and we usually do them once a week cost around 200zl/55$. All meds (none prescription-painkillers,probiotics etc) and vet diet food we menage to buy from out paychecks (only me and mom works) But we still have to pay a rent , buy food , pay all the bills etc . We already borrowed money from family friends etc , mom also took loan in the bank...We are totally broke by now . IVs while helping her also is flushing the red blood cells and the result of that - Bad Anemia And to stop that and to keep our beloved dog with us we need special Medicine Its called Aranesp - its a one shot siringe (like for insulin) . Aranesp® is a medicine that acts like a hormone in the body called erythropoietin. Aranesp® helps the body create more red blood cells. More red blood cells increase your hemoglobin (Hb) level, helping give your tissues and organs the oxygen they need to function properly. We need this to keep my puppy alive . each siringe costs ~90$ If you guys could help in any way me ,mom and puppy will be very grateful . If you want to help pls pm me . Thank you for your time xoxo Baska PS : HELSEN THANK YOU FOR YOU KIND DONATION . Tnx to you we dont have to worry about money for the next test
  4. Anyone willing to donate some $$ to keep my doggy alive ? 

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    2. Sonofdoc


      I hope your dog is okay!

    3. Baska


      well...long story short i need quite expensive medicine for her so her bone narrow can start producing red blood cells again cuz for now she have bad anemia ( or however u spell it). Medicine is called Aranesp. She also have chronic kidney disease and pancreas issues after surgery... yeah so thats it 

    4. Helsen


      poor you and your doggy :(. So still, if I can help let me know how to get it to you

  5. CSL

    Hey Sweet girl. Been a long time hope you are doing well.

    1. Baska


      Hi. Im doin terrible cuz my beloved doggy is slipping away to travel behind "rainbow bridge" ...so im heartbroken.

    2. CSL


      Sorry to hear that. Hope you have better days ahead.


    1. CheepHeep



    2. *Kiba*


      i want the black theme back myself i can't deal with this white background bull shit my eyes are burning 

  7. Baska

    biaaaaaaaaaaaaatch :D

    1. yoyo


      omg! you still alive ,high five**  , btw we need to do knife war again on server someday and kick everybody off who don't follow lol jk xD


  8. Gotta Love me some DD <3 Muah Muah

  9. I didnt know i could love you even more , but now i think i do <3
  10. u have all my love since day one and u know it
  11. ahhh the 2008forum was cool .... hmm memories ... Love it!!!! P.S: DD can u make it dark theme as well pwese : )

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