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    Found 16 results

    1. So I'm curious, what are your best memories of the game ever? Mine probably is when I was around 8 years old and joined my first clan (FBI) yeah I lied about my age back then just so I could get in It probably was the best feeling ever to be accepted in to a community, made loads of friends and even learned to speak english fluently! That's already over 14 years ago now and the best part is I still play the game and now I am in a new awesome community! Share your memories here!
    2. Hello again, I would like to thank the staff of the clan = F | A = for the attention to my other doubt that I had, and I am here again to ask just one more. I would like to know how and how I can put the music from wolfenstein's menu to play while downloading files on jaymod 2.2.0 server with enhacedmod 1.0.9? Thank you very much in advance!
    3. Finally started playing the prequel coming after New Order and seeming like a sequel, go figure. Anyways after Wolfenstein 3D, that Indiana Jones style tomb raiding game with teleporting abilities etc- in one word NON-Wolfenstein, I was given up on the series. Tried New Order on sale and it almost resembled old good days where gameplay was set first and cinematic QTY experience wasn´t important, well actually was not come to existence yet. Few hours into Old Blood and I´m hyped about the gameplay and feeling this game gives. Main thing is to kill boody nazis and stay alive and you can choose pistol\submachin(es) and MG as in original and a knife. There are some additional weapons also, but for instance Bombenschuss reminds me old good FG42 from ET. There is a possibility to sneak in game because its Bethesdas trademark but its not main way anymore as it was in New Order. Also I remembered now one could take sneak backstab kills on original Wolf 3D also. So the atmosphere, gameplay, everything hits the mark this time. And if I come to think that they had to play original Wolf 3D to design those minigames while BJ is having nightmares, then I think they grasped the whole consept better and were more true to the original and it is felt in this installmeant. Personally I´m having more fun in this one than in RTCW... 10\10 for only pulling this out:
    4. Well, this thread was made because of a discussion we had among forum users. The purpose of this thread is to provide general information of the current status of the online community of the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Before starting, I want to clarify that this by no means should be taken as a proven hypothesis since there is not enough evidence to find the cause of this social phenomenon (oh yes, I am using fancy words.) Let’s go: I have been checking the flow of players online since I came back from my inactivity period. For the last five months the average amount of most players online has been at 650. This number registers frequently between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM (GMT -06:00 Central Time) To further analyze this, I did a sampling of the last ten days that registered 650 players online to find out which days of the week are people mostly playing: September 13, 2015: Tuesday September 20, 2015: Sunday September 27, 2015: Sunday October 18, 2015: Sunday October 25, 2015: Sunday November 01, 2015: Sunday November 08, 2015: Sunday November 29, 2015: Sunday December 06, 2015: Sunday December 20, 2015: Sunday This confirms that the day that most players are online is at 5:00 PM Central time in Sundays. With these numbers, I also want to state my hypothesis that we are NOT having new incoming players to the game and that these players consist mostly of people that are loyal to this product. Now that I mentioned that word, let’s look at this game as what it really is, a product. Every product has a cycle and the information suggests that this game is at the decline stage: Once a product reaches this state, we marketers suggest the company to let the product end its cycle and move on with the development of a new product, because when companies try to extend the life of a product, it will always return to the decline state no matter what. Making the budget spent on this pointless, instead of spending it on the new product. To support this, let’s take a look at this case: Now, I know that some of you are saying “What does this has do to with our Wolf Et community?” Well, with this I want to respectfully say that no matter how heavily we advertise this game on the whole Internet, we are not going to get good results because of the following: The product is in decline stage. We are not offering a new value proposition to attract new audiences. (No redesign to any aspect of the game, current markets offers better games for these audiences. The developer company has no interest on this game anymore since this product has a business model that doesn't generate any profit for them. That's why I agree, this game is still alive because it's free, but it's also why it's hard to extend their life cycle. Imagine if wolfenstein et had the same strategy as CS 1.6? Maybe this thread wouldn't exist.Once again I want to say that this is not a fact, so this doesn't means that we should stop advertising, just don't depend 100% on it. To conclude, here are my list of recommendations of which strategies to follow: Make FA gamedays on Sundays around 5:00 PM Central Time. If this is the time when most players online, that means that it is also the best time for recruiters to find new prospects to ask them to join the clan. We should ask players when they started playing the game to confirm if the game is actually receiving new players. We can do this by adding this question on our apply form. Speaking of apply, we should move the “Join F|A community” to the very top of the thread index, because I often hear players asking me on servers “where do I post my apply?” making me think they get lost on the forums looking for the apply form. I have another idea for this, but I will save it when the time is good. Like I have said before, we need to move on ET and expand our clan to new games. I know we have not been successful establishing the clan on valve games (CS:S, CS:GO, TF2, L4D2) and I am pretty sure most new members don’t even know we used to had battlefield 2 members. I think the reason we have failed on this is because the audience of these games have a different perspective of clans, there is no identity value of having a tag anymore.Players keep renaming themselves pretty much each day, making it hard to keep track of regulars. To make things worse, this new trend of matchmaking system makes it really hard to establish our server, it's like the typical family that has to move to a new city every two months, you always meet new people, but you don't have time to develop those relationships. I need more time to find a solution for this, because I will need to propose a redesign of our recruiting strategy. But what can we do now is to check new upcoming games that can fit our criteria of our clan. Games where you see people talk on servers to have fun and meet new players. So yeah, I probably spend three hours making this thread and don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be negative. I love Wolfenstein with all my heart, but I love this clan even more and I want the best for it. Cheers.
    5. Me and my friend had some fun today firing Replica guns *** http://imgur.com/s0hlYS0,NeujPAF(Images can be scrolled througgh at the top) Love me sporting some nazi gear (FYI im not a not a Neo-nazi, and yes I am ginger) Now if only i lookd this sexy and ginger in game <3 so that reminds me, can we use custom skins on in the game and not get kicked for using them? *** http://imgur.com/s0hlYS0,NeujPAF(Images can be scrolled througgh at the top)
    6. Supp guys ! For those who know me, i'am Bourbon Kid. Old players ( Most on NQ1 and Jay3). I was off for soooooooo long time and F|A familly miss me a lot ! Now i'am back, for more and more pownage ! New computer, New Config ! (My old PC died and can't bu a new for so long ). If ou accept me again on F|a again, i will play honorably with the F|A ag, if not, iwil own you without . Have fun guys !
    7. Kat0n

      Abnormally low FPS

      I went on the server for the last time wednesday or last tuesday, normal fps and ping, connected yesterday, normal ping but fps around 7-8 at most, it can reach 2 or even 1...I can't understand where it comes from, since I didn't modify anything in my setting, and I'm using lowest sound/graphics quality + low quality sky (all my SS from the game not using /autoscreenshot turn grey). Last time I played normally I only went on NoQ1 and Fun1. Tried to play WT (which needs a better FPS than ET), and my FPS is low but normal on this game so I guess it comes from ET and not from my pc. Could you help me pls? Searched a bit on the forum and couldn't find my problem among the recent topics. Thank you in advance, tell me if you need more info
    8. I have windows 8.1, Radeon 3000, AMD FX 6300, 6 gb RAM, everytime that i want to play Wolf ET in the middle of fight the game drops me and just says.. "Crash information" ... sometimes says INVALID GUID... anyone help?
    9. Discovered after viewing Limp/SMOK's FA post:Wolfenstein the new order gameplay 13 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1ScWJ-rjMs&feature=player_detailpage I don't recall early game audio as being as bad as shown in the first 2D games. My first experience was with Wolfenstein 3D.
    10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=MSfBpE2xQFU
    11. Hey guyz, I was wondering what level of admin u have to have to have the =F|A= tag in wolfenstein. I have level 2 so can i have one? plz answer,
    12. For those who need a new Ringtone, and can´t live without Wolfenstein. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41cFV_ZCwkQ
    13. Hi all English is not my first language so, sorry if i write something wrong, but i want to ask you something as the title says about my xp, i play wolfenstein everyday i think for 3 months and i had 25466 xp, but yesterday i saw that i only have 150 now, so i want to ask if somebody know what happened? how can i recover my xp? what can i do? hope you guys can help me Thanks.
    14. Hi everybody I need a signature,but i don't know how can i make one. I do not have much size, but preferably large enough to fit under my post . Would I like it if my name is [limp (the whole name is in red letters)], the background is a sign that Wolfenstein ET.A background you should wave moving some music (no matter what). Thank you.
    15. Prvgel


      Is there a limit on how many maps you can put on the NQ1 server? Because i think it would be a great idea to put as many maps as you can on that server because it tends to get a bit repetitive when you play for hours on the server.
    16. Watch on 720p fullscreen or you wont see shit ^^ Tracklist: 1.Super Mario (Original Mix) 2.Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West - Otis 3.Flux Pavillion - Bass Cannon Moombahcore sMILOdon RMX 4.Pounds Of Blood (KABZ Moombahcore RMX) 5.Survival Of The Legitest (Token's Moombah Remix) 6.TC-Wheres-My-Money-Caspa-Rmx-Munchis-Kinda-Agressive-Right-Now-Moombahcore-Rmx 7.Tetris (D!RTY AUD!O Moombahcore Bootleg)

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