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  1. jorzcfg *UPDATED*

  2. What antivirus u use?

    pirated avg 2012
  3. hey guys :)

  4. Hardcore change?

    the problem about xp reset was resolved,about the maps dunno
  5. BTJunkie shuts down after MegaUpload scare

    download everything!
  6. Problem with /rate

    i use the same config on etpro and other mods,except i have put bigger rate on non etpro servers,as i said if i dont connect to an etpro server my fps are shiet. Add me on xfire i will explain you.
  7. Problem with /rate

    i connect to the etpro server because it makes my fps stable,if i connect directly to fa servers i get 40 fps,so thats not an option.
  8. Problem with /rate

    yes i have 2.6b. forgot to give some info,i always connect first to an etpro server and then to fa ones so my rate goes to 25k cuz of the etpro server limit on rate,and then i cant change it. I play silent mod and no quarter. Also on no quarter when i do cvar_restart my rate goes to 5k and i can only change it by quiting et.
  9. Problem with /rate

    whenever i change my /rate on any server it doesnt change,sometimes it says rate will be changed upon restarting and sometimes it says nothing and doesnt change,any help?
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRdhGo4Qbe4&feature=colike a chill mashup i made in a few minutes
  11. this happens sometimes when you switch team
  12. Amazing dubstep dance

    So yeah,a robot trying to be human,skip to 1:12 for amazing moves.