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  1. I recently acquired the Logitech G Pro ( 2 month with it) and everything works really good, buttons have that solid click sound and it has the best sensor of Logitech (PMW3366). If you have big hands, I would suggest to go for the G502 instead (My previous mouse), because the G Pro is relatively small and may give you some issues with handling it. G502 is bigger and heavier too, but it has so many useful and well placed extra buttons that will give you and advantage in gaming and your regular desktop browsing. As a side note, due to personal experience with the brand; stay away from Razer products. I bought a razer deathadder that was fine until the left click button broke in less than 4 months. I thought it was bad luck, so I bought another one and it broke again in less than 2 months this time! Compared to my G502 that it is in good condition after 5 years of heavy noob hunting, the quality speaks for itself.
  2. Happy birthday to the Fearless Crew! So many memories, good friends and salty hackers banned.
  3. Been playing overwatch, don't think I have forgotten about my fearless boys, F|A till I die.

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      Night Hunter

      chewbacca! gg


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      To live a long life, stay away from " sodium hydroxide, NaOH, is a strong base " and other such acid-neutralizing chemicals!



      Join jay1 and I kill you quick fool.

  4. Does anyone plays Overwatch? I was wondering what are your thoughts about it. Feel free to add me at AcidParadox#11233
  5. Watch the video and you tell me
  6. I downloaded a mysterious file of what I thought was a patch for ET, but after downloading this and installing some crazy things have been happening. Luckily I was recording during this whole incident with my game recorder, so here's the video that shows me getting banned when I try to connect: https://youtu.be/CtDF2ZeYkjw?t=5s DUN DUN DUN Anyways, I had to take yet another break due to health reasons (It's ok, I am fine. You won't get rid of me that easily). I'll try to be more active again and I'll see you guys on the servers. I apologize for having to leave you guys so abruptly (you know who you are), but I am glad to see we are still alive and kicking butt!
  7. This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiRuj2_czzw
  8. That's not true, all upgrades are purely cosmetic.
  9. AcidParadox


    So yeah, I am finally free to start playing video games now that I finished a job project that was eating my time a lot. I see that a lot of things happened, I still can't believe what tipsy did to DD, I am kinda shocked to be honest. I also noticed that a lot of guys I used to play with left the clan for good and bad reason, but it's good to see that there are still some good guys left here. I also made a twitch account: https://www.twitch.tv/acidparadox I will start streaming overwatch, dirtybomb, insurgency and of course... wolfie et. Ill see ya on servers then, you handsome motherf***ers.
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      Watched your et videos. Brilliant trolling skillz:)


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