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  1. And ok, whether u believe I'm going to India or not, I will not be playing wolfenstein again. I just bought cod black ops 2, and I got a new pc. :-D Hopefully I will find some friends in India. Also, could someone lock this topic so I don't get a bunch of shit?
  2. Yoyo is in India? Oh shit....... And to joedirt....I u will miss my lies Btw I'm only 4 :-P
  3. My dad just got word that his company is moving him to india . I will not have WiFi so no et. We will be there for at least to years. I know u all will be happy to have me leave. Bye, Hellfire Btw dry for all the trouble if caused I wish I could regain ur trust but I don't have internet anymore
  4. If u email me I can tell u some servers I know of that can have good players. My email is darthmaulyou@gmail.com However fa does really have the biggest n the best
  5. Duck dynasty is lol! Btw probably my fav as well :-)
  6. from 11pm to 2am is when I'm on, but maybe it is still unfair after I leave.
  7. Yeah I tried hardcore today. Its great and I'm going back. Could some staff member set me as level 2 user as I would like to use pm and !list

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