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  1. Yo guys ! I just buy a new pc gamer and a new screen (24"). I was very happy, i can play all game in figh quality....but not ET. Et quality is so worst, the game seems to be to old for this screen/computer, i can't play cause of graphism... The problems are : I saw the pixel... it's so ugly, it's like playing Minecraft xD. When i move, it's like i'am lagging, i guess it's cause of to much FPS, but dunno how to fix that. http://www.mediafire.com/download/q2vaovd6dgkz9xd/2015-11-05-200349-tankbuster.dm_84 There is a little demo, dunno if it will help... So guess, please ! Help me ! If you have some command to had on my cfg to fix it, i will be very grateful to you !
  2. You can. But in ranked match. Play --> Ranked match --> Create a party --> Invite friends !
  3. Come on must had some F|A players on Steam to play some dirty bomb !
  4. I will try to be active to ! But actually the serv just kicked me cause of no admin lvl If some one can please set me will be very nice
  5. Yep, i play it for 2 month now. I didn't notice so much cheater or hacker.Sometime in ranked match, in public there is no problem, you can vote to kick when you see one. But yeah, this game is really funny and really cool. Just miss a good community and the possibility to create and hold your own server !
  6. Yo guys, just to say i start this game today and... wow i really love it !!
  7. Yo guys Will be very proud to join you ! Coc name : Bourbon kid
  8. I main jungle with Kha zix, i also like to pla lee sin on top . I also play Vel'koz on mid !
  9. Same, give me a date and an hours and i will ready to k!ck you We already does it before vs a clan that i don't remember ^^.
  10. Just got kicked from beginner cause i haven't my levels xD Come on annibal
  11. Supp guys ! For those who know me, i'am Bourbon Kid. Old players ( Most on NQ1 and Jay3). I was off for soooooooo long time and F|A familly miss me a lot ! Now i'am back, for more and more pownage ! New computer, New Config ! (My old PC died and can't bu a new for so long ). If ou accept me again on F|a again, i will play honorably with the F|A ag, if not, iwil own you without . Have fun guys !