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Computer crashed, lost everything includes ET levels etc.


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Hi all,

Since a few days my computer f***s everything up. Especially today, he crashed and i couldn't start him up.
I lost everything on my computer, from ET to photos to everything.

Is there a way to regain atleast those ET files back or smt?


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As I understand from the discussion in ET you already reinstalled the OS on your SSD.


The only question is, has anyone had any chances with recovering old data from "formatted" SSD?

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ssd has trim .. makes it pretty hard to recover  lost data.





hdd  id say yes .. ssd id say good luck.


if  you havent written anything to that drive and used a quick format option u  might be able too. 








remember to always save ur et key.. and silent key. email it to your self..




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SSD's are tricky. Assuming TRIM hasn't been run yet, there's a chance. Unfortunately I believe most SSDs automatically TRIM when formatted.
If you have stuff you don't want to lose, take it to a specialist.
I'd avoid any automated data recovery software. They say they get the files back, but 9 times out of 10 there's garbage bits if you open the file with a hex editor. No good for photos. For "undeleting" files, they're alright.

EDIT: I see you mention an E:\ directory. Do you know if that's a different physical drive or if it's just a different partition on the same drive?



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additional mount point
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15 hours ago, DFighter said:

next time save cfg + etkey in your email even if a pc crash email info usually always stay saved

and Silent.dat....and, uh, the nitmod server must have another file, too...


Yes, nitmod has an "nkey.dat" file.  Fun#1 / Jay#4 is now Nitmod, Team Death Match mod

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