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Hello chaps, yatzithenazi here. I have seen recently several admins asking for people to come apply because you are in need of admins. I have been playing ET now for around 4-5 years, and I have been playing on silent1 and hc for around 2-3 years. I play many times a week. PC gaming is so great in the way that we have had dedicated servers for over a decade now and this allows us to play with the same people on the same sever all the time. I consider every regular player on FA my friend, and I enjoy chattin in spec as much as I do playing. I would like clan friend level (9 I believe) more so than to be trial member and have to worry about doing more to achieve a higher rank. I feel as if FA wants someone to watch for cheats, watch for assholes, and to keep teams even. With mute/kick/putteam, that is all an average admin could ever need to take care of day to day issues. Ultimately it's up to you guys, I enjoy playing ET regardless of having admin.


FA Referrals -> Mule, Catalepsy, Fishdude, Assasin

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Hello Yatzi, and welcome to our forums. You seem to have posted your application in the wrong section. You can post it here http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/184-applications-join-us/

You also need to fill out this form when you post it (Just to streamline the application process) But anyways, welcome. :welcome


Ingame Name (Gaming Alias):
Your Past Gaming Alias:
Your Past clans if any:
Xfire :
Location :
How often do you play:
Have you submited your last 8 character of GUID in your profile:
Do you use TS3 ( Yes / No (If not why not?)):
=F|A= Server you play on most :
Your expertise ( Coding, moder, Photoshop, etc) :
Do you have VIP membership:
Have you donated:
Will you be able to help in recruiting?:
What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us:
Referral (Which member referred you):
Do you have 40,000 XP (Provide Ingame Screenshot)

Tell us about yourself:

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Hey Yatzi, its been a long time. Hope you are fine.

Well, to answer your request about "apply" for a Clan Friend rank, the answer is NO. The definition about Clan Friend can be found in our wiki:


Clan Friend - It will be given to trusted players who are server and forum regular for long time and who have good knowledge of the game and our rules.

Now, according to the previous sentence, you do not qualify for being a Clan Friend at all because you dont fill any of the requirements: trusted player, active on forum/server since long time ago and the knowledge of the =F|A= rules and procedures.

I hope you understand that have admin commands results in have rights but also obligations. In other words, responsibility and a strong desire to help others, not only catch cheater and mute trolls.
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Hola Yatzi! 
You are a regular on HC server a lot, even more than I, you like to spect and talk a lot, perhaps you need a bit more of forum activity, but besides that I like you! :)


It will be nice to see your proper application, to get more than a clan friend if time and people see that you improve either here and also on server.. 


You need to stop owning me on sw2, etpro :'( 

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I suck at using forums. I guess I'm not cut out to be an admin or clan friend then...... I just don't want it to have to be so complicated.... oh well..... If you guys decide to change your mind pm me. See you guys on hardcore!  <3


you seem to have the hang of it and you've been here before. it's only as complicated as you make it. 

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