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  1. The World is a Spinning Plate

    the world is not flat or triangular theory is wrong here. it was still flat than there was at the end and a beginning where you can drop off but that is not the case . this world is a beautiful round planet.
  2. Happy Birthday No'Paine

    thx buddy
  3. ET Server =F|A=Beach Party

    I will be there for sure Summer is coming i hope that it will be a hot summer for every one .
  4. What is your dream car?

    my dream car is in my hands just need some to be upgrade to becom perfect .
  5. My name is DONG

    you good player , so far so good and welcom . see you @ jay 2
  6. i con have new car soon

    yes i'm from belgium my friend and thank you angel
  7. i con have new car soon

    here he is
  8. Other Congratulations to our new Staff

    Congrats Platonic, you deserved it.
  9. Hello all

    hello and welcom
  10. i con have new car soon

    yeah new mazda 6 sedan is a nice car but littlebite bigger and cost more than so i prefer new mazda 3 sedan next week on Tuesday i drive it it got 120 pk 88 kw 1998 cc full option color titanium flash cost me around 27000 euro s and i give my old car i get 9000 euro back so its cost me around 17700 euro
  11. 13 FYY

    nice to seeya and welcom have fun seeya at the feelds