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  1. Heyo Slayer!


    How are you man? Hopefully all good in these trying times! Give me the latest news what's going in your life 😄

    1. Sl@yer


      I'm doing good,  neem almost 10 months now and still going to meetings and been doing a lot of counseling. don't have a lot of free time lately between regular work and my side business. I'm trying to find a balance but it's difficult.

    2. Xiahou Dun

      Xiahou Dun

      I'm glad to hear that. Take it slow and steady, it's important not to rush things. Great to hear you're still improving and striving to be the best person you can be! Your story is a motivation to me, and that is why I wanted to know how are things on your end.


      Take care Slayer, things are only going to get better, I'm sure 😁

  2. Welcome back. This game never gets old.
  3. This is my 53 Chrysler New Yorker and the other is when my 12 year old decided when i was away at my grandfather's funeral on the other side of the country, he could just take it to school......
  4. Hitch looks like Alfred Hitchcock
  5. This what it's like up here on Canada right now +3c. Got to love chinooks or as leonardo DiCaprio called it "global warming" during the filming of the movie The Revenant here in Alberta's kananaskis area. You may as well stay inside until it melts instead if shoveling, pandemic might be over by then
  6. This is something I never thought possible

    Screenshot_20201215-121902_CleanTime Counter.jpg

  7. When i lived in mission that was a dive. We'r used top go there for just the coffee. I was surprised to see it here. Im in Calgary now
  8. Just read this post. Good read for admins and regulars alike. You have valid points and the map descriptions help even the most novice of players. Im glad to see you adding your knowledge to the site Rashomon. Im looking forward to ou4r sniping wars. I 0always appreciated the fact you shared some of your moments and it actually helped me out. See you on the servers.
  9. Rabia by Nonpoint. I can't figure out atm to get the video on here.
  10. Congratulations on your promos, I'm sure they're well deserved.
  11. Happy birthday, have a great one. Don't do anything i wouldn't do.......
  12. Gotta love the 80's, if you can't tell that's me on the bottom left. The other is a more recent one of my very supportive wife and me.
  13. Built that guitar body for my son. Necks are a bit harder to make. Used an old Fender Squire neck n guts. Steel Panther was my inspiration.
  14. Sl@yer

    Nice Balls.JPG

    Yes I did wash my hands.
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