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  1. Son of a b***,  I am so sorry to hear about this. Was going through some hard times. I feel bad I never saw the post. He was a very good guy. We used to play together on HC And Jay1. Hope the family is doing ok with it. Sad that he felt that there was no option. I hope he found the peace he wanted. RIP, Leave no man behind.

  2. This is the list for all the settings for r_mode screen resolution, and if you have a graphics program like radeon or GFX make sure to change the settings to allow application run the graphics 0 = 320x240, 1 = 400x300, 2 = 512x384, 3 = 640x480, 4 = 800x600, 5 = 960x720, 6 = 1024x768, 7 = 1152x864, 8 = 1280x1024, 9 = 1600x1200, 10 = 2048x1536, 11 = 856x480 (wide). Set to -1 to make use of r_customwidth & r_customheight.
  3. Anyone playing COD WW2 on here? Handle is SquirtinCanoe420 add me
  4. I was there earlier in my morning playing.
  5. Welcome to =F|A='S forums.
  6. Sl@yer

    3 word story

    For silicone dildos
  7. Sl@yer

    3 word story

    Smoking peace pipes
  8. He had explained in short form to me because I was sniping on opposite team and we were chatting about his playing styles and if he had league play and such and he was fast but could still be killed. He gave me a tip that I use and made me a little faster on the draw. I liked that he was open with me and seeing this post he was telling me the truth. thanks for the insights and i'll be picking your brain. best regards: Douch3Canoe.
  9. Welcome to the forums and servers. Pop in other servers as well to get a few other members opinions. You can combine your XP between all the servers for 40k xp.
  10. Let me know if you're in need of anything else i could make up for you. got a handy one for cross-hair colors.
  11. Put this cfg in your ETMain, when you log on the a server everytime, use the dropdown and enter /exec carnage.cfg. after that you can use the keypad plus key to cycle the 2 names you have and keypad minus to select your nick. hope this helps you out. this is what the bind looks like: // // Namescript // bind KP_PLUS "vstr chooseNick" // Pick a nick bind KP_MINUS "vstr setNick" // Set nick set chooseNick1 "echo "^l>^zNick: ^7[^1ca^7rn^4ag^0e ]"; set chooseNick "vstr chooseNick2"; set setNick "set name "^1ca^7rn^4ag^0e""" set chooseNick2 "echo "^l>^zNick: ^7[^1ca^7rn^4age]"; set chooseNick "vstr chooseNick3"; set setNick "set name "^1ca^7rn^4age""" set chooseNick "vstr chooseNick1" set setNick "echo "^l>^zNick: ^7Choose a nick first!"" Carnage.cfg

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