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  1. Welcome back from your long slumber, I just returned a couple weeks ago as well. I understand missing this place and the servers.
  2. Sl@yer

    3 word story

    Jean Luc Picard
  3. Sl@yer

    3 word story

    the ringed Planet
  4. if i see any OG ill ask them to put the old tag on for a SS, one time on Beginners Park 3 Raiden got us to stop playing on the map Rhine Bridge for both sides to go on the bridge for a picture on Christmas day. Then after he got the SS he got another of us all simultaneously be !splatted. Ill have to try and find them. was good because all the guys actually all stopped killing. I tried but i had a knife out and it was a pub mod and i was still young. I have some old match footage from when i was playing TWL.
  5. I got a 50 year old bottle of Tawny port to open in 3 years on my 50th, ill send some your way. I just pour it right on the keyboard and hit enter? Right? i still have the disc 1 of this game
  6. was that you sportin the FAG Tag tonight. had to shake my head. like seeing a Bp3 tag or LK3.
  7. Nice to see you still here.
  8. I tried for 2 hours to remember my login info, i though I was tossed aside. Thanks Chuck for the refresher of my username. The tags are back again.
  9. How is everyone doing? Been a busy year and lots to catch up with. Lots of new faces for sure. Got my rig working after re-purposing a few computers form the trash to make a Frankenstein. I should be raining blood on the streets soon enough. Those that don't know me I'm an old member and been playing ET since its conception. looking forward to catching up with everyone.
  10. I'm glad there is a place that we all can go, and its all thanks to you Daredevil and anyone along the way that has helped. Happy (belated)Birthday =F|A=!!!!
  11. I have more as well . I'll get them together.
  12. I have a few binds that are useful: This is a standard FPS Toggle, it could be done infinitely as long as you echo to the first fps. bind j "vstr fps_change" set fps_change "vstr fps_76" set fps_76 "com_maxfps 76; echo 76; set fps_change vstr fps_125" set fps_125 "com_maxfps 125; echo 125; set fps_change vstr fps_333" set fps_333 "com_maxfps 333; echo 333; set fps_change vstr fps_76" This one is a good tapout one: bind k "kill; forcetapout; say_team ^x/^7killed" This good for when you have maps like cortex and you cant see your sight dot: bind del "vstr crosshair_color" set crosshair_color "vstr crosshair_red" set crosshair_blue "cg_crosshairColor blue; cg_crosshairColorAlt blue; echo ^4Crosshair color blue; set crosshair_color vstr crosshair_red" set crosshair_red "cg_crosshairColor red; cg_crosshairColorAlt red; echo ^1Crosshair color red; set crosshair_color vstr crosshair_cyan" set crosshair_cyan "cg_crosshairColor cyan; cg_crosshairColorAlt cyan; echo ^5Crosshair color cyan; set crosshair_color vstr crosshair_lightblue" set crosshair_lightblue "cg_crosshairColor 0xa0c0ff; cg_crosshairColorAlt 0xa0c0ff; echo ^dCrosshair color Light Blue; set crosshair_color vstr crosshair_olive" set crosshair_olive "cg_crosshairColor 0xA0FFC0; cg_crosshairColorAlt 0xA0FFC0; echo ^MCrosshair color olive; set crosshair_color vstr crosshair_white" set crosshair_white "cg_crosshairColor white; cg_crosshairColorAlt white; cg_crosshairColorAlt white; echo ^7Crosshair color White; set crosshair_color vstr crosshair_blue" You know when you load a map and it's darker than the previous one, This is a good cycle. You can change the gamma numbers to adjust for your screens. They all are different: // GAMMA! // use - & + to cycle through gammas bind KP_PLUS "vstr gup" bind KP_MINUS "vstr gdn" set gdn vstr gamma10 set gup vstr gamma11 set gamma00 "set r_gamma 1.9;set gdn vstr gamma10;set gup vstr gamma01;echo ^pGamma^1MIN^2=========" set gamma01 "set r_gamma 2.0;set gdn vstr gamma00;set gup vstr gamma02;echo ^pGamma^2=^1|^2==========" set gamma02 "set r_gamma 2.1;set gdn vstr gamma01;set gup vstr gamma03;echo ^pGamma^2==^1|^2=========" set gamma03 "set r_gamma 2.2;set gdn vstr gamma02;set gup vstr gamma04;echo ^pGamma^2===^1|^2========" set gamma04 "set r_gamma 2.3;set gdn vstr gamma03;set gup vstr gamma05;echo ^pGamma^2====^1|^2=======" set gamma05 "set r_gamma 2.4;set gdn vstr gamma04;set gup vstr gamma06;echo ^pGamma^2=====^1|^2======" set gamma06 "set r_gamma 2.5;set gdn vstr gamma05;set gup vstr gamma07;echo ^pGamma^2======^1|^2=====" set gamma07 "set r_gamma 2.6;set gdn vstr gamma06;set gup vstr gamma08;echo ^pGamma^2=======^1|^2====" set gamma08 "set r_gamma 2.7;set gdn vstr gamma07;set gup vstr gamma09;echo ^pGamma^2========^1|^2===" set gamma09 "set r_gamma 2.8;set gdn vstr gamma08;set gup vstr gamma10;echo ^pGamma^2=========^1|^2==" set gamma10 "set r_gamma 2.9;set gdn vstr gamma09;set gup vstr gamma11;echo ^pGamma^2==========^1|^2=" set gamma11 "set r_gamma 3.0;set gdn vstr gamma010;set gup vstr gamma00;echo ^pGamma^2===========^1MAX" Any of the bound keys can be changed for ones you dont use or may be more comfortable with. I forgot to mention one. When i get on a server. I have my cfgs bound to 2 keys for 2 different cfgs, it autoloads them and vid_restarts as well: bind = "exec Sl@yer.cfg;vid_restart;" I have - bound for a Sl@yer2.cfg for when I'm sniping.
  13. Sorry been real busy still. I'll try to play sometime

    1. CheepHeep


      Who's next on your list? Slayer.

  14. Sl@yer

    Top 50 Bassists

    Robert Trujillo- from Suicidal Tendencies and now Metallica. He had more freedom of his music with the suicidal army. Hell his 12 year old son is playing with Korn on their South America tour. Talented.

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