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Your largest folder?


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Topic says it all. What's your largest folder? Perhaps you're like me and collect music...


Or are you an anime collector?


I used to have a collection of Miku art... but that went by the wayside by hard drive failures, computer transfers, frantic backups, etc... caused by toting around a laptop, connecting to random Wi-Fi spots, etc. That's why I use SSD now for my mobile computers. :D

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Also. You're all a bunch of filthy f***ing thieves! YAAAAAAAAAAR MATEYS!





Will take a look and see what I can match when I get home.

All legal.

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Does it have to be a folder I personally own? Or can it be one I have access to? :D


A folder I personally own:



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on pc largest is 40GB only used 300GB total on pc hard drive , on external hard drive largest file is 1TB(Movies)


Externals are where it's at. I need to get a couple new ones soon lol Running out of space.




All legal.


It's too late. I'm on to you. 



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