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  1. Long time, no see, Fearless Assassins

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Shana


      Welcome back nub 😄

    3. Heretic121


      @CheepHeep nothing made me come back, but yet here I am anyway.

      @D..X Hey dude, good to see you too :)

      @Hecken Congrats on the recent promotion 😁

      @audrey ohay o/

      @Shana Thank you nublet 😁

    4. Chuckun


      Hey dude! I want that staff discount card..

  2. where are you nub?

    1. Night Hunter
    2. Krayzie


      Drinking tea and eating biscuits.

  3. Cookies. My one true weakness.

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    2. *ReVeRZe*..!?


      Legend returns for cookies haha

    3. RedBaird


      As long as the does not "reverze course" :)

    4. *ReVeRZe*..!?


      Grow up redbaird. My journey hasnt ended yet :)

  4. Welcome back. There's a topic, or two, in the private ET section regarding recent events about GUIDs and levels.
  5. I leave you guys for 2 minutes and already disaster strikes... Guess I'll have to keep more on an eye on you nubs Congrats, by the way xD
  6. Wait... hasn't Firefox been doing that exact same thing for years?
  7. Damn it, nubs! Stop encouraging her!
  8. Well, now I feel dull. I was looking at the idea of a modded server as a means to provide better tools for admining and social interaction xD
  9. Heretic121

    Game Code Error

    Pfft. I'm on a mobile, that's my defense and I'm sticking to it! That's the one! Thanks SidNub <3
  10. Heretic121

    Game Code Error

    Run the game in Administrative mode... There's a tutorial for it in our tutorial section. I'd link but I'm on my mobile, perhaps one of the other lovely nubs here will help in that respect. Edit: f***ing ninja'd

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