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  1. Scab

    Game Code Error

    Right click on your icon that starts the game and choose "Run as administrator". That should solve it.
  2. ever heard of something called a curtain?

  3. I'm no expert on these but try r_primitives 2, r_swapinterval 0, and I think if you set r_displayrefresh to 0 it will be unlimited or something.
  4. I've also listened for quite a few years. They have interesting topics and claims from guests and callers. I wish they had proof though.
  5. Finally got the driver updated and showing correctly. I removed/deleted everything again, and redownloaded the package from AMD's site. It installed as usual. I found the installation folder and clicked the setup icon and it went ahead and installed the latest driver and Catalyst Control Center. Any recommended settings to change in there for Enemy Territory?
  6. Just removed old driver, and went back to AMD site to get the latest. This is the link and I chose the first one listed: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows%207%20-%2032 It installed but my device manager still shows it outdated. I tried posting a picture but it says I'm not allowed to use that image extension.
  7. Ok I'll check later when I get home. I don't have the full package of Catalyst Control Center. I read somewhere that it wasn't necessary. I'll probably go ahead and install it though.
  8. I've been having problems too. It drove me to reformat and start over. I have an AMD HD 6850 card. I let Windows check for drivers and download them. When I check the driver in device manager, it says it's from 2011 and the version is 8.850.00 (or something like that, not at computer right now). Anyway, I removed that driver and went to AMD website and downloaded the latest. It seems to install properly and my card shows in device manager. I check the driver again and it still says it's from 2011 with the same 8.850.00 version, but the driver I downloaded says it's 14.12 or something l
  9. Where were yall headed to in Arkansas? Do you live there now?
  10. Scab

    True or False?

    Elvis Presley is related to me. True but barely. He is my uncle's 2nd cousin on his mom's side. I'm supposed to be kin to him too. Not sure how exactly, but it's from my grandmother's ties to Tupelo.
  11. Broad range of sizes. 1 to 8 gb or something.
  12. Scab

    Med packs

    Or remove the meds, ....just sayin' ;D
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