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  1. HI Lovely lady.

    1. Daniëlle


      Hi lovely gentleman;) Long time no see!

  2. ModerarCP

    Where can we find the moderatorCP for 17?
  3. What computer do you have?

    DDR4 2400, anything higher is problably overclocked or to expensive.
  4. What computer do you have?

    Ok in that case i think for 350 euro you can bye an Intel i5 7600 (200 Euro's) , premium 8 Gb DDR4 memory (90 Euro's) and a nice case. I think that you should go for the Intel i5 and not the Amd Ryzen because more core's (amd's) doesn't necessarily mean more speed.
  5. What computer do you have?

    Why get i3 or i5 when i7 is the most current? @HipKat With 350 Euro you can't even buy an i7. @Asokaa What u want to buy for 350 Euro? Processor, memory, motherboard, GPU, Power supply and case??
  6. What in the tarnation?

    Please stay.
  7. Happy birthday Sisje

    Cheers Lady
  8. Physicist Stephen Hawking dies at the age of 76

    Wait Wait Whut Did Eddie Redmayne die???
  9. America 1st, Croatia 2nd

    Red, white and Blue flag must Dutch or French. At least the Video is a Lubach Rip off. Kidding darling.
  10. ET Full Screen?

  11. What I did in army

    D54X0 - Intel (Intelligence Officer O2) In Germany until that wall came down.
  12. the words "hot" and "air" cross my mind.
  13. Console

  14. Two Truths and a Lie