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Mac vs PC


Mac or PC  

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I hate macs. I was playing with my sisters new mac book pro over Christmas and was not impressed at all. The touch pad seemed unresponsive, and I hate their OS. They are expensive and relatively slow. They adapt to technology slowly as well. There is not an i7 laptop yet, but there are plenty of PC's. Their desktop PC's are unable to use any good graphics card. EVGA makes a 285GTX for it and it's nothing but problematic for its users.


The only thing I like about them are they seem to have great build quality and the backlit keyboards are the best. I love Ipods and Iphones, but....


PC > Mac

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It's the same PC intel architecture garbage in both of them now. I used to be a devout mac man when it was the motorola LC68020-40 processors, and even the PowerPC 601 to G3 architecture. SCSI + RISC ftw.


But the PC world called me and I ended up having both uniquely using each. I even had a MAC Clone which was better than Apple could produce and power computing's tech support was incredibly good. Once Steve Jobs came back to Apple and killed the clone contracts, it forever killed the mac architecture that was genuinely his mac right when the ratio of MAC to PC computers was even. He forever killed his machine from populating the personal computer world, and I got irritated.


Then he outsourced to the communists, I gave up on Apple completely as it was nothing unique anymore. PC v Mac? BS! it's the same garbage now. Want to run like a "MAC?" Load OSX on your PC and save some money. Want to build a "MAC" PC just like you get from the Apple factory? Buy a Foxconn motherboard and you'll get as close as you can to the real new "MAC" without the computer case to look like it.

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I have PC and Macbook, well after pissed off with mac os window management i installed Ubuntu on it now it's macbook with Mac os + Ubuntu and running more ubuntu then mac os, but I'm using PC more cos have more choice: games, software and much more ^^

also sometimes if I wanna upgrade my PC with new graphic card or... it's much easier then do that in macbook also cheaper ^^

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I'm a bit of both. My house has 7 macs, and 2 pc's :S


Although every Mac is either dual booting windows or runs virtual windows machines.

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1 MacBook, Intel Core

1 MacBook Pro Intel Core duo

and 1 home built PC running XP Pro.


I like both, and use them for different things. Granted my macs are the older Intel versions and running Jaguar, but as far as email/contact integration I prefer my MBP over my PC running Thunderbird with add-ons. My PC is for games, backing up video (due to the terabyte of space I have) and general web surfing.


I will say however I'm not liking the direction Apple is taking with it's computers over the past 2 years. They keep cutting more features out of their "new" software and then charging extra for the same features they had before by marketing them as "Add-ons". Final Cut is a good example over the past few years.


Microsoft is just as bad IMO. Windows Vista was to much like Windows ME in it's execution and not a big enough jump from XP Pro to make it worth while IMO.


Also of the 2 times I've had to deal with Apple support...it was hands down the best support I've ever delt with.


I've delt with HP, Dell, IBM on many occasions primarily for friends and family and can honestly say their basic tech support is lacking in knowledge and customer service.


Perhaps you can make a vote option with "Both" because I use them pretty equally.

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