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  1. much love for innocently playing a game.
  2. Thanks Love. Forums look nicer than an year ago.
  3. Epic Fragzzors by Desu is what makes this game fun. P.S- downloading ET again
  4. for gaming, its all about i5 sandy
  5. Desu

    crazy gaming chair

    badass i need that
  6. Cuz in USA, T-mobile is all about android
  7. eh....will t-mobile get iphones now? if so, im ready for it
  8. Desu


    Forgot Hellsing too *facepalm*
  9. 90miles on Kawasaki Ninja 250r. i havent used km ever since i was in elementary school in south korea, so you do the conversion
  10. Desu


    Yeah thats it, i havent finished it yet, but its entertaining, since it was created by writer of Bakemonogatari

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